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The Shocking Truth About Senior Citizens

Dont forget about granny...

Today's post brings to light a little known and used insight.

When scouting out potential lead sources, we as entrepreneurs should NOT overlook Granny or senior citizens in general!

Granny?  Yep!

Why should you consider Granny or Grandpa or anyone over 55 (senior citizens)?


Work at Home

The Two Categories of Home Businesses

In today's market, an increasing number of workers are making the move from traditional office jobs to business ownership. Working at home gives individuals the capability to begin their own businesses since normally it is more affordable to do than businesses not operated at home.

However, despite the fact that home-based companies can be less costly and much easier to begin, you still want a business concept that will turn a profit. For this reason, it's wise to truly think about exactly what you want to do, rather than picking the first business opportunity that you see.

Fortunately, if you want to start your own business and you want to work from your house, there are numerous ways you could go about this. Not only are there all kinds of businesses you can start, there are a range of different ways you can structure them to fit your way of life and the demands of your customers.

Retail Opportunities

With the advancement of the web, home-based entrepreneurs can now reach a world-wide marketplace with their items without having to rent or own a retail store. This takes a lot of the expense and risk out of opening a business.

You have the option to design and develop your own products or you could sell items for various other companies. When it come to selling for other businesses, you could even have them drop ship merchandise straight to your buyers. This means that you do not need to deal with keeping product inventory. This can be particularly helpful for individuals who are limited on area.

Setting up an online store can be exceptionally easy and cost effective. Actually, you don't even have to have your own website to sell items online. You could use sites like eBay or Etsy to sell through. The issue is that because selling online has become so easy, many people are doing it, and therefore, you are likely to have lots of other sellers to compete against.

The key is to differentiate your product offering. The more unique you are the better. Consider this – if people can just buy the product through you, you do not need to be concerned with competing businesses.

Service Businesses

A variety of service companies can be operated from a home office. Some services such as handyman work or residential cleaning can be done on site, while other services like website design or ad can be completed from your home. Even mobile businesses like errand running and courier services can be home based.

The drawback to operating a business from home is that entrepreneurs often need to work harder at getting new clients. They are not able to depend on a retail storefront to attract clients off the street. They additionally need to work hard at developing a professional company image so that prospective clients will take them seriously.

Home-based service businesses who connect with other business owners and community organizations are more likely to grow faster simply since they are much better connected to get referrals. Understanding this, if you are thinking of opening a service business, focus on being familiar with other industry specialists in your location and learn how you can help them with their companies, so they are more likely to refer clients to you in the future.

There are a few great new ideas to earn money from home in 2013. View them here:

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5 Proven Steps To A Branded Business In Just 7 Days: My Birthday Giveaway to YOU

Since the title caught your attention I am going to assume you are seeking some input into getting your Business Brand recognized by your intended customer or client.

Read closely for my giveaway.

As you may or may not know, is that BILLION DOLLAR corporations have secretly been using this brand tactic on you.

What brand tactic, Kim?

Well, lets see:

1. Brand awareness.

That means that when some one says I want a SOFT DRINK, they think : COKE. or FAST FOOD, they think McDonald's. You get the picture?

Ok, time for YOU to turn that Brand Recognition on the world for YOUR business, but HOW?

2. Become an Expert in your field you want to brand yourself in. If you are asking “how?” then search yourself to discover what you are most passionate about. Golf? Softball? Knitting? Gardening, etc..

Once you have determined that, it is time to fly.


3. Take your passion and put it on VIDEO. Yes, Video. More and more people are seeing that READING TEXT is not as informative as watching a video. Think about it, watching your favorite show on TV do you stay focused on the characters (Brand) or the channel listings? YouTube has grown to stardom from this one element. When someone wants to know how to do something or find something, often a search will turn up a YT video.

4. Send out your branded videos to your target audience. If you have made some videos in your chosen subject or brand, broadcast them to your audience and in their minds, you BECOME THE EXPERT on that brand.  Why? because you are telling and teaching, and they are the student: watching and learning.

This puts you on the top of their mind when your subject comes about. Can see where I am going?

Ok, this is great but how and where do I do this?

5. Enter My Video Talk.

Leading the world in innovation, with My Video Talk you can single-handedly  show your passion with FIRE> your chosen colors, logos, and graphics. Choose to charge $ when someone views you content or merely offer a free service. It still will portray you as an expert to remember. Have your own TV show, training conference, video channel (similar but NOT like YouTube) and more.

There are other formats out there, but believe me, they cannot compare in selection, price or leadership.

You can earn a residual income as well, boosting your business in even more profits!

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Compelling Video: Everyone deserves to hear about MLM

Homeless FamilyNot a day goes by that I  don’t see the effects of our economy on the ‘Average Guy”.

We had a dream, bought a house, had children and could afford some ‘toy's’ .

How was this possible?

Robert Kiyosaki says it best in Rich Dad, Poor Dad:

  1. had a good education
  2. had a safe, secure job

We were misled in thinking it would stay that way. When all at once we are seeing lay-offs, massive foreclosures, escalated crime, companies going bankrupt and deep in debt.

That same education that gave us hope for the future still needs to be paid off as a student loan, but where is the job that will do that?

The dream is now gone and the kids have to eat. What can you do to help this?

See this video that my friend and partner Ray Higdon did with one such business man:

[hana-flv-player video=”” width=”480″ height=”390″ description=”From 125 to 4 Employees Why Building a Homebased Business is key” player=”3″ autoload=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”false” splashimage=”” /]

Now if that strikes a cord with you, your soul is telling you something: all is not well.

If you currently operate a business and desire to see it flourish as you originally imagined, you may need to break the mold of tradition; do what the competition isn't: BRAND Yourself.

Join forces with me and my team to discover the ultimate success you deserve.

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