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Why Would Anyone Join ViSalus?

What is going on with ViSalus Sciences lately? Just Google it and be prepared to be amazed.

They have given out over Seven Hundred BMWs with their car program as of this post date, and the excitement from this company is being felt all through the industry.

So is the possibility of getting a BMW the only reason why someone should join ViSalus? Of course not. So let’s look at why you should or should not join ViSalus.

The ViSalus Corporate team is led by CEO Ryan Blair and the experience they have in Network Marketing leadership runs deep. The health and wellness market is very competitive and many companies do not last their first year. ViSalus has been growing for over 7 years now and is doing nothing but thriving.

ViSalus Sciences, backed by billion dollar giant Blyth Inc. officially launched on March 3rd, 2005 Blyth Inc. The ViSalus Sciences distributors have security in the fact that they have a solid infrastructure and huge financial backing.  Just recently, the founders have invested themselves in Blyth and are now controlling shareholders just adding to the stability of the company!

"LIKE" our Fan Page and add your commentsViSalus launched their flagship program called “Body by Vi” in November 2009, which is another reason for the growing buzz and momentum they are seeing. The Body By Vi program is a weight loss, or better yet, a body transformation challenge and can be entered by anyone at any stage or level of fitness. This is an ingenious idea. The 90 Day challenge not only gets their distributors and customers involved and active in buying and consuming the ViSalus products but if they stick with the program and see results they are more likely to stick with the business too!

The ViSalus Sciences Product Line has products spanning weight loss, energy and performance, along with general health products. The product that rocketed the company to success is called Vi-Pak. It is a patented product made up of Minerals, Vitamins, Anti-oxidants and Omega vitals.

Another reason to consider joining any company is the compensation plan. The ViSalus Sciences compensation plan is based on a unilevel structure and pays 5% down 8 levels. You have the ability to earn on more depth in your organization as you advance through the ranks. There are Fast Start bonuses, personal customer commissions on a graduating scale to encourage retail sales, leadership pools, special promotions and the buzz creating BMW car bonus program. Coupled with the Rising Star (Fast Start Bonus), it  is affectionately called “Stars and Cars”. Smile 

Most people are getting the most business from their friends and family as opposed to other MLM’s. If you can apply a Marketing System that allows you to drive traffic, generate more leads and get more reps quickly you can attract a bunch of attention to you as a leader and not just ViSalus as an opportunity. Well how about joining forces with the TOP INCOME EARNERS in EMPOWER NETWORK? That should be the ICING on the cake!

So the question remains…Should you join ViSalus?  Success with ViSalus, and any company for that matter, will be determined by your ability to have the proper tools at your disposal to help you get to the top of the ViSalus Sciences comp plan without having to chase all your friends and family but that just adds to the kitty.

To learn the marketing strategies that will catapult you to the TOP of the ViSalus Sciences compensation plan click here.


MLM Business Review start home based business

Is Numis Network A Scam?

Like any other “young” network marketing company that is just starting to make a name in the industry, questions and concerns on its legitimacy and stability are likely to arise, namely is there evidence of a Numis Network scam. And Numis Network is no exception.

Founded in 2009, this MLM Company pioneered the sale of graded silver and gold numismatic coins through the industry of network marketing.

With its unique products, Numis provides a breath of fresh air from the common products other network marketing companies have to offer. But the pressing question is about the Numis Network Scam, or is there one?

Since it’s still relatively new to the market, the MLM Company is met with criticisms by some internet marketers who suggest that Numis Network has elements of scams and pyramid schemes.

If you’re a newbie and searching for the right network marketing company, you may have probably come across some of their reviews. One pressing issue being brought upon is the easiness and simplicity of the marketing plan. Numis states that network building within the company is as easy as sending people to the replicated site issued with a membership.

The catch: overwhelming competition. Since it’s relatively easy to gain prospective leads, more and more people are using the replicated site which ultimately renders to a lack of buyers. How are you going to stand out from the rest if the company is using the same capture online page for every member to use?

Now this is where personal branding comes in. Since the competition is really stiff and all the members are pretty much using the same business proposition, what you should do now is add a personal touch to it.

As a network marketer, you should educate yourself with the effective marketing techniques that can be used offline and online.

Numis Network Scam?In network marketing or any traditional business, it’s all about branding and the right marketing approach. And with a binary system and coded bonus combined into a unique comp plan, you will never be disappointed with Numis.

If you’ve been searching the web to confirm the issue, then you may see the raging reviews of experienced network marketers about the compensation plan of the company. Some of them suggest that Numis offers the best compensation plan they have ever met. Not only is the company promoting fast growth and sustainability, it also aims to help its members meet financial independence for the long-term.

Another question that adds up to the Numis Network Scam – Are the Numis Network graded silver and gold coins worth the money? The answer is yes!

Numis only offers the BEST and HIGHEST grade modern issue coins. You will enjoy total confidence in knowing that you’ve purchased a collectible coin graded MS70. You are guaranteed a valuable and authentic coin since it is certified by the largest and most trusted coin grading services: ANACS, NGC, and PCGS.

These graded silver and gold numismatic coins are certified and ultrasonically protected for long-term preservation, an edge they have over the non-graded coins. Not only are they graded by recognized experts, they are also valued as rare and collectible coins which makes them more valuable and desirable than any ordinary, ungraded bullion type coins.

So is Numis Network scam and a fly-by-night home-based business?

The simple answer to that question is NO, there is no Numis Network scam. The pioneering numismatic coin company is definitely not a scam or a pyramid scheme. It’s actually turning out to be a promising network marketing company with a solid foundation that is set to create a definite career path and a reliable source of wealth for the average network marketer.

So where did this Numis Network scam start? I don't know but it is a load of bull. See the video on this page and sign in the from below to stay connected.

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Insane Report:Online Business Equals Golden MLM Opportunities

Kind of a pre-enrollment primer to Online MLM Businesses, share it!

Have you seen the MLM businesses have gone mad now? Multi-level marketing business, sometimes called a system of direct distribution or direct sales. Quite a franchise (NOT), you need to develop business by purchasing the system.

First, however, suffered setbacks MLM marketing, such as a new technique or idea by business history. There was a time they work with entrepreneurs in MLM marketing is considered strange and suspect.

At this time, the advent of the Internet World business, MLM businesses began appearing online, along with thousands more online business opportunities. In fact, it's time to start online MLM business never been better. Why? Well, there are people more interested in going online business. There have been many owners business for the internet as a source of opportunity business true. Many modern looking opportunities business will develop.

If you are contemplating a home based online business boot, then start your business with MLM business line can be profitable option for you. This is an opportunity worth investigation.

Take, for example, Trump Network. This is a new and innovative. Is the brand name for the home market more quickly than a stranger. This product is also manufactured and sold easily. The compensation plan pays weekly, and myself to heavyweight. This is something I can do. Compared with the franchise, MLM is a way of balance in terms of price conerned.

A MLM business lines can cost less than business franchise staff, but the rewards and opportunities may be important and largely the same. Being a good choice, with minimal investment to make, online MLM company for people who are likely to do the hard work and perseverance to find additional sources of income. Considers it as an option business online can bring positive results.

There is actually more in line MLM business organization whose main purpose is that their product is approved. This can be achieved by the distributor. As a distributor, one must perform an extensive marketing campaign or to many familiar products, while giving them exciting opportunity to make money as well.

Some MLM organizations to train people and prepare them to be a good distributor and marketer. Because in all likelihood is the desire to have extensive marketing, their products, they develop their people with confidence and people who work, not teaching them to be a good seller.

We now online MLM business seamlessly with technological advances in the computer industry. With new technology, automatic MLM businesses. No network marketing software system that makes it all MLM business technical line to order. There are software systems for order processing, product distribution and tracking, accounting and other piles of what once considered document.

The main purpose of the distributor business development and sharing with others who are looking for online auto business opportunities. By having full control of the core business of ensuring success MLM business online.

Did you know a great partnership MLM business online then you see his record of success. Techniques should be successful distribution and compensation plan.

Effective organizations tend to have people who are successful as a distributor in an organization and do not hesitate to give his testimony or share a tip or two innovative distributors.

Online trust should also have long-term plans and goals. They need a confidence booster for education and other distributors. Must have a great leader, too. 🙂

If you want to start your online adventure through business MLM business line structure, make sure you have standards. Maybe you can be the best thing to do how to appreciate his dream to find the perfect home based business.

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Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Income With A Home-Based Business

Home-based business has been growing rapidly due to TV advertising and the availability of Internet Web sites. Many people learn new ways to make a huge income for their families.

Employment and average wages can only go so far in providing the money necessary to live our inflationary economy. The price of gas, food and all living costs continue to rise. Current income most families are not sufficient to pay all the bills.

What's the answer?

The people looking at different ways to make money without using all their working hours. Working for others is uses a lot of time and money you earn and may not be suitable for the needs of your family. Having a home business can give you the freedom you seek. What if you could control the amount of income you earn?

Some people have dreams of a better life and extra earnings that bring the things in life without having to borrow from banks. Many people want to have a bigger house with more page space to entertain family and friends and have a new car that you do not need continuous repair. People with this type of dream should pursue it!

There are many ordinary people who go to work every day and do the same thing week after week usually feel tired and out of place because they're not using their creative skills naturally. Is it possible to work fewer hours and earn more money then your average go to work job by having your own home base business?

With all the home-based business to choose from, where do you start? You find them advertised on television and across the Internet but which are legitimate or are scam? Can someone really make a good income working from their home and fewer working hours then a normal job?

What does one look for when pursuing a home based business? I have a few rules that I use when considering which home based business is actually a legitimate one. The first thing to look for is how big is the company or organization? If they have offices and representatives across the country and even around the world and then maybe they are a profitable business that has proven itself in the kind of success you want. Do not work for a company that loses.

There are other things to look for when considering a home based business and that is how open they are about their practices. Do they have a phone number where you can talk to someone about the business during normal business hours and how available they are when you call?

How informative are they about their business and can really help you with products or services and operating the business itself? Having a personal contact who you can talk to every day if necessary until you are operating in your own home business successfully, that would be great.

A personal mentor or business partner can make things in your own business function much better. Having teachers who start their own home based business and has achieved great success is a great asset to your own business success. You can learn a lot from someone who started a home based business right in being financially successful.

Chase your dreams and never let anyone stop you from doing things you love. You know the type of work you want to do for the rest of your life. What really gives you pleasure and interests you most when it comes to earning money?

This is your dream!

Take advantage of your short life and live a lifestyle that brings you the most joy.

Looking for a mentor?

I am available to assist you in your home-based business success.

Click HERE NOW to work with me directly.

I can only dedicate time to a select few.

(must be willing to answer some questions; sorting the tire-kickers from the deserving hard-working, coachable folks)

home business MLM Business Review start home based business

Numis Network Announces Buy Back Your Autoship at 100% After 5 Years (Assuming You Want To)

Numis Network has done the un-thinkable.

Numis Network , a gold and silver mlm based out of Tampa, Florida, has gone mad.
They have made a bold statement recently at Bally's in Las Vegas Nevada. declaring boldly they will buy-back any coin for a period of 5 years! 5 Year Buy-Back from Numis Network
That should convince you to really consider this as a home business.
A common objection Numis Network reps face is that some prefer to buy bullion as an investment.
These are common questions that Numis Network reps no longer face

(and the new answer):

  • Q. How can I sell the coins?
    A: You can always get 100% of your money back after 5 years by selling back to the company
  • Q: How much will these coins be worth in 5 years?
    A: You can always get 100% of your money back after 5 years by selling back to the company
  • Q: What if gold and silver decrease in value?
    A: You can always get 100% of your money back after 5 years by selling to the company
  • Ok, that should settle in you mind that they are very trust-worthy and reliable!

What about “Bullion”?

Numis Network vs Bullion

If you have been looking at investing in gold and silver, you no doubt have seen a very prominent individual from touting that BULLION IS KING.  If you do some background work you find he marks his product up higher and his buy back is lacking.

In a great post from my friend and mentor, Ray Higdon:

” That explains why his prices on gold and silver bullion are about the highest in the industry but he has done a great job of promoting and marketing and so a lot of people do make purchases with him. Yesterday his price on silver eagle bullion coins was over $38 (my three sources were $36) and his buyback guarantee was $33. That $5 spread is the largest spread in bullion I have ever seen with any company as most are $1-$2 but it makes sense as he is a reseller and has to have that type of spread. Numis Network is offering a buyback of 100% after 5 years versus make $5 out of of a $38 purchase the same day.”

Numis Network also has bullion coins!Bulllion Certified Coins

Not only that, consider this: With the money successful reps are making, they in turn buy bulk bullion.

My recommendation: Build Numis Network and then use some of your commissions to buy bullion

So, the bullion issue has been laid to rest.

So, what if you are considering another TYPE of mlm for your home business?
Take this in mind: Unless you are actually consuming the product, will that company offer to buy-back all your left-over stock should you choose to leave?


Numis Network makes entirely TOO MUCH SENSE NOT to have as a home based business.

Whether you like numismatic coins or not, isn’t it  amazing to have this sort of guarantee in place where the owners put their money where their mouth is? Now, some of you might think, “well Kim, with gold and silver doing what it is doing, that is a pretty low risk for the company…well, doesn’t that mean it is always a very low risk for anyone that joins Numis Network? “ Yeah, Buddy!

Take a good hard look at the short video presented here and let me know which way you want to go:

If You Are New to MLM

If You Are a Seasoned Networker

Looking for a Numis Network  mentor? CLICK HERE