Once Again It’s Christmas

What can we learn from The Gambler?

Being an authority is akin to being a “LEGEND” and will follow you through your life.


What are you about? What do YOU want to be known for?
I'll let that simmer for a bit on you while you watch this incredible video.

We can all agree that Kenny is one of such artists whose style never goes old.
So, Kenny is back again with his new Christmas Album which is set to release this Christmas.

To celebrate the launch of this new album, he teamed up with a brilliant acappella group called Home Free.

Together they sing
“Children, Go Where I Send Thee” and their rendition is groundbreaking.

Kenny Rogers and Home Free

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Branding home business Network Marketing

How To Qualify for a Car Program

Nothing says success like a styling NEW Luxury Car, say a BMW.

See My Pick at the end.

Everybody I know would want to be driving a new car, so I put together this article to summarize how YOU too can do that.As a network marketer, you should be aware that the more volume you produce the better your rewards. So I am going to assume you are one. If not, I can certainly help you discover your passion.

There are at least 3 MLM systems that I know personally that can give you the ability to score a nice ride just for doing your required business volume in  the course of a month or so.

They offer either BMW's or Mercedes Benz's

Lets look at them.

ViSalus Science's has the black BMW’s they award to distributors meeting this criteria :

• You must be an Active Distributor with ViSalus Sciences.
• You must have enrolled with ViSalus via the Executive Success System or upgraded to the
Executive Success System.
• You must achieve the rank of Regional Director or above.  This equates to Total Group Volume of $12,500.

You do this with 3 associate reps who have 3 who also have 3 customers each.

Once that is achieved:

• The car must be a BMW with a BLACK exterior. Metallic/Matte Black colors are acceptable.

• Any model BMW qualifies provided that the car is a year 2000 model year or later BMW.
• You have the option to either purchase or lease

How about Numis Network?

This program gives hard working Reps the opportunity to earn a 7 Series or 6 Series silver BMW. Our BMW Program is an incentive reward offered to distributors who achieve and maintain the position of 6 Star Representative or above.

The 6 Star Silver BMW program includes a one-time, $5,000 bonus for 6 Star Representatives who meet the program’s qualifications. This is 150,000 BV (volume) to reach this level. That seems steep to me, but they give you a $1500 payment for a 6 series.

And then there is MyVideoTalk

They offer a choice of BMW or Mercedes Benz, 5 years old or newer, black or white. There are two levels of qualification so you can get upgraded as you increase your volume

Level 1:

MVT will pay up to $600/month for your BMW or Mercedes

Executive Level with 100 points on one team and 50 points on the other (based off of monthly cycle of $44 plans and higher).

I looked and this is the easiest as far as I can tell. See this diagram

Level 2:

MVT will pay up to $1200/month for your BMW or Mercedes
Executive Level with 200pts on one team and 100 points on the other (based off of monthly cycle of $44 plans and higher)

In order to qualify for the MyTalkVideo Car Club Bonus Program, you must meet the following requirements:
• You must achieve the rank of Executive or above. This is having 2 who get 2 (with 2 customers each) with $44 autoship, or $2500 in volume monthly.
• You must achieve 150 active monthly product subscription points on your left/right team volumes  and is based on all product subscriptions at $44 monthly or higher to be eligible to receive a monthly car bonus of up to $600.

• You must achieve 300 active monthly product subscription points in your left/right team volumes and is based on all product subscriptions at $44 monthly or higher to be eligible to receive a monthly car bonus of up to $1200.

The requirement is each month to maintain.

The only other thing to do to qualify is host a meeting every month.  That sounds amazing.

So, my friends, it is not hard to get the car you always wanted.

Just get in there with apply some elbow grease. You deserve it!

This is my pick My Video Talk Bimmer Benz Club (BBC)

get yours


Want one? Come on over!


p.s. not hard to do, just chose a BMW or a Benz.

Branding home business Marketing

Marketing Your Local Business Online

by David King
There are many local small businesses in America and many of them are looking for ways to evolve and to drive new foot traffic into their business. Old school marketing such as yellow pages advertising, tv, radio and print are not nearly as effective as they used to be. Less and less people are putting their business in the yellow pages and on television because the results are becoming less and less effective over time.

More people are looking to the internet to see how they can market their business online. Online marketing is a way to drive more foot traffic to your local business. When you market online you can spend a lot less money and be a lot more effective with those marketing dollars. You can use email marketing which is very cheap, search engine marketing which is a pretty good price if done yourself and social media marketing which you can do on your own for free if used properly.

All of these add up and can drive more traffic, leads and sales through your website or local business. One pioneer in the internet marketing space is Mike Koenig's. The main street marketing machines system is being released next week to those who are interested in marketing their business online further. This will teach you how to market your business online in a variety of ways discussed above.

I recommend marketing your business online whether you have an online or offline business because when done effectively you will see much better results and your overall marketing ROI will be much better. By doing this you can grow your business much quicker and drive more traffic into your business locally or your online e-commerce website. There are many ways to market your business online so it is important to continue learning and you will see better results as time goes on.

Take care and have a great day!

David King

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Branding Personal Development

Are You An Assembler or Craftsman?

I had a breakthrough, revelation, and astounding AHA! moment this morning while continuing to pursue the quest for empowering words and vocabulary.

Reading in “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins, on how we can use transformational words to help others, Tony was talking with Jim and how he was rarely down. Jim said he was feeling really depressed lately and in 20 minutes used the word ‘depressed'  about a dozen times.
He asked him to replace the word ‘Depressed” with something empowering  like “I'm a bit down, I'm getting better”, etc…
After doing that for 30 days, Jim no longer got worked up and stayed in a more resourceful frame of mind.

Another instance Tony relates how PIE, the Trucking company was having issues with mis-identification of certain containers resulting in a loss of a quarter of a million dollars per year.
So they decided to reinvigorate their quality commitment rename the workers and truckers to CRAFTSMEN.
As a result of that they saw a reduction of the 56 percent erroneous shipping's down to 10%!
Nothing changed except how they viewed themselves by the word they used to do it.

So, the light bulb went off in my head as I realized WHY I felt so unappreciated, and misunderstood while I was at my JOB.

I worked at an aerospace manufacturing company for 30 years. We were union supported and one contract negotiation proved to be my turning point as I look back with my new knowledge.

I was considered a “composite fabricator” for a long time. When this contract negotiation merged my labor grade into another SLIGHTLY similar one, we were all now considered “assemblers”.

That is the absolute point that I, unconsciously lost all motivation to excel in my work.

Before I was a proud “fabricator, artist, craftsman, inventor, tailor” and reduced to a lowly “assembler”,  just putting one piece together with another one and calling it done. A monkey could do this.
I am not a monkey.

I grew more and more frustrated trying to prove to them I was not. Few noticed, and those that did, couldn't do anything to help the situation. To add fuel to the fire, I was at the top of my pay grade, which means that I could not be rewarded with a pay increase, so I fought my own values to assimilate. I reflect now that I played my musical instruments less and less too.

I was bucking against my own inherent nature.

Had I known what I know now, I wouldn't had stayed there no matter what the pay and benefits.
How could they DO THIS to me?

Thank God I became a network marketer, a Wealth Creation Success Artist. Branding Strategist. Empowered Motivator. Ain’t nobody going to tell me what I am but ME. I can go as high as I want.


What words do you use continually to describe what you do and what you stand for? I sincerely want you to sit down and write a brief sentence to describe yourself NOW, and then how you WANT to be.
Take those descriptive words and look them up in a Thesaurus. See the synonyms, pick out a few that jump out at you.

This is but one exercise that can be learned in the Online Branding Formula.

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