Should You Use Facebook Live?

As a digital marketer, it's your job to stay one step ahead of emerging technologies.

Find new opportunities to engage with your audience in a way that's fresh, exciting and impactful.

Each time a new form of media comes along and creates a new “paradigm shift,” new stars are born.

And right now, the latest and most exciting platform of this nature is live video.

Live video lets you engage with your audience like never before, communicate with them directly – even responding to comments.

This is the closest you can come to visiting your audience in person.

Now Facebook is getting involved with “Facebook Live” , and most likely it's this platform that is going to ensure the format really takes off.

So how can you get started with Facebook Live?

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This course is your field guide to the new frontier, and contains everything you could possible need to know to succeed.

You'll learn not only the history of live video, and its significance, but also how to set up your own live content, how to build and grow your audience and how to ensure you achieve maximum engagement.

If you are a little afraid of getting “Out There”, see this post to help you with that.

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Look what came in the mail! Just what the doctor ordered. Thank you Brendon Burchard. #personalpower

from Instagram:
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Travel Blogger Discovers a Reason for Everything

We are camped at Middle Concho West, is next to Twin Buttes Dam and is located in Tom Green County, Texas
When we first pulled in, we were presented with a lot of paths that wind around the water. Trash cans and picnic benches and a couple of restrooms.

We are fully self-contained and solar powered so no utilities needed – save the air conditioner needs the generators as desired.

So I got as close to the water as I could, but because of the abundant grass I wanted to stay on solid ground as it has been raining here in West-Central Texas, so set up on a path next to a picnic bench. There was another road that went around so thought I would be ok.

Well, no sooner had I got the slides and jacks down and went up top to put y satellite antennae that I spotted a San Angelo Police car watching me from the nearby path. I waved and came down in case he wanted to say something.

He Did!

“You know you are on the main path?”
What? I thought it was a pull-through, and wanted to stay off the grass which is what I get when at any other park.

“I didn’t know that. Give me a couple hours and I’ll move it.” I said as he was obviously not happy with having to tell me that. I mean, he and I agreed that the rain was a factor and there isn't hardy anyone here (back to school time).

Me being the honest, do what you must even when no one is looking-type, got hooked up and reset to move.

I decided to back into the tall grass below where I was as it flattened out about 20’ from the blasted ‘path/road”.

I then unhooked and reset the slides and jacks. By this time I was tired and decided to go plop down inside when I looked out my rear window and saw IT!

A huge cross someone had planted in their yard across the water.
Ah! I must need to refocus and reflect a bit more with my Mentor.

So there was a reason that Officer happened by when he did.
I get it!

It was worth all the effort!

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3 Steps to Daily Success

3 Steps

Weather or not you are new to the network/internet marketing industry you must have 3 things to follow before your success will appear.

In this video I quickly explain how it works in 3 simple steps (notice I did NOT say easy steps).

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 Follow these 3 steps and implement the resources I have for you here to get maximum results