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Attraction Marketing System

An attraction marketing system turns the arena of traditional marketing on its head!

Historically, if folks wished to sell products to the general public, they had to go out and find people to sell to. This will mean hours of cold calling or trudging the streets. And more often than not the result was no sales. The attraction system is based on the principle that, rather than go and find people to sell to, people would track you down.

This is the perfect style of marketing for anybody in the network marketing or multi level marketing business. By cutting down the amount of time you spend chasing new business, it increases the amount of time you have to promote your products and attract folk to you. The cool thing is that the people you attract will not just be those wanting to buy your products , they will also benefit from your success and join your network marketing business.

Normal selling strategies usually lose sight of one extremely simple but significant fact: people like to buy! However, there's nothing guaranteed to a purchase quicker than an aggressive cold calling salesperson. With attraction marketing the idea is to take the will to buy, which already exists, and satisfy that desire by giving the shopper what they want.

Attraction marketing is reliant on the belief that the best advertisement for the products you're selling is YOU.

No matter how dependent you are on the Internet and regardless of how much advertising you are snowed under with it, one simple truth remains: People buy from people. This means that figuratively talking, you need to become your brand.

Attraction Marketing Specialist

As an attraction marketing specialist, you want to convince your customer they need what you are selling. You have to be offering them an answer to their problem.


As a network marketer you need to use attraction marketing techniques to build up your network of marketing reps. There's an almost never-ending supply of people in the world looking for a business deal. There are plenty more already in a business which isn't working for them. These are your target market. Remember, showing them how wonderful it would be if they joined your team won't work. That is merely a standard hard sell system.
Show them what they are missing by being the person they want to be: successful, respected, and a leader. i.e. FOMO (fear of missing out).

Implementing an attraction marketing system is not hard, but will need a mindset change for some individuals. Instead of making an attempt to work out the answer on your own, you are able to save time and use an already proven system like MLSP, more info be found at

It is time to become the business person you need to be, and attract all of the business you need directly to you!

Attraction Marketing Law of Attraction

How The Legacy Lives On

This is a reprint from Darren Daily. I couldn’t add to or take away anything so I am shring the whole thing with you today.

Jim lives on.


The Legacy Lives On

Today I want to pay homage to the man who inspired DarrenDaily into existence.
Tomorrow is Jim Rohn’s birthday. He would have been 86 years old.
He left us physically, but his legacy is alive and as influential as ever.

In my closing comments during his tribute celebration, I attempted to pass on a few of Jim’s key insights as a gift.
This morning I’d like to share that gift with you… please watch the video above.

I feel very grateful for having had Jim Rohn as my personal mentor.
I spent tens of thousands of dollars, flying all over the country, to attend Jim’s various workshops and buying his materials.

And what I received in return was priceless.
It forever changed the potential of my future.
I certainly would not be the man, nor the achiever I am today if not for Jim.

This is not only true for me, but business thought leaders as well, like:

  • Tony Robbins
  • John Maxwell
  • Brian Tracy
  • Denis Waitely
  • Harvey Mackay
  • Les Brown

And many others who also attribute their success to the teachings of Jim Rohn.

Last year, when at SUCCESS, we wanted to make the same type of mentorship by Jim available to many more people. So we went through his entire lifetime work of 46 years and distilled it down the very best of Jim’s teachings (25+ awesome hours!)

It was then pulled together into one place and made easy to access (no flying around the country necessary!)
It is now packaged into one well-designed curriculum with the bonus value of the other masters contributing to the course (and not for tens of thousands of dollars)

I argued the well-curated treasure chest of Jim’s lifetime work should be priced according to its value, which is many, many thousands of dollars.

But after many days of debate the opposite decision was made—to make it affordable to ANYONE.
And anyone would be crazy not to get it.

If you can believe it, the best of Jim’s 46-year legacy can be gained for $495 or $175 (X3).
I know! I still feel conflicted about it!

But I know Jim would be proud knowing he is able to touch many more people, even in his absence.

I do not own this product. I was not even compensated to host the program.
I did because I love Jim. And I am recommending this to you because I love you.
And because I would love to see Jim have an impact on you as he did me (and many others).

Go here to get it:

I could list all the benefits and life results you will realize from Jim’s teachings, but hopefully this is a no-brainer and you trust me enough to just go buy it. I promise you’ll be glad you did. It will change the potential of your legacy.


Happy Birthday Jim.
We miss you terribly.

Your Daily Mentor,

DarrenDaily: #BetterEveryDay

Attraction Marketing Money

How to FINALLY Make Money in Your Home Based Business

There are at LEAST 7 things to start the money flowing into your business:

  1. When Promoting your home based business, Be sure to tell the prospect WHAT they will be getting, learning etc…
  2. FInd the Challenge or problem they are facing and relate to them.
  3. Portray the US vs THEM… They are out to get your money, we are here to help you make money etc….
  4. Make it believable, become a credible leader that always tells the truth. They WILL know, believe me!
  5. Create urgency, they have to know the time is limited.
  6. Role play with their possible objections and have an alternative to set their mind at ease.
  7. FINALLY: Ask for the SALE, CLICK, EMAIL or whatever it is that you are after. WIthout this LAST step, you will remain a non-profit business!

Hope this has helped, please like and share if you found it valuable!
Until next post, TO YOUR Success!


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3 Steps to Daily Success

3 Steps

Weather or not you are new to the network/internet marketing industry you must have 3 things to follow before your success will appear.

In this video I quickly explain how it works in 3 simple steps (notice I did NOT say easy steps).

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 Follow these 3 steps and implement the resources I have for you here to get maximum results


Attraction Marketing

How BAD Do You Want It?

I keep seeing a recurring theme with people who want to better themselves and their situations.
They are struggling in whatever their income is, business, job or welfare.


Its one thing to be in an online business and be successful and another thing altogether to expect it to happen overnight.

It MUST start with one thing in order to set you up for success, its your MINDSET.

How you imagine yourself is usually true.
Lets change that! That’s what I love to help others with. Maybe I can help you!

I would love to hear from you.
Comment here if you agree and got some value from it.

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