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Fitness – Your Mind and Body

As a entrepreneur, it can be challenging to supply the physical fitness needs that help the non-physical ones.

As for me, I am over 50 and have always been a bit pudgy. 

What I am finding now is that my joints are really complaining about the activities I try to put them through. 

One thing I have found out recently, is that as we get older, our ligaments don't stretch like they used to. 

So what that means is that if we train like we did as a younger person that we run the risk of injury. 

That's the LAST thing we need at this point in life, right?

I recently hooked up with Joel and his Now Lifestyle program. This is where I learned about what I just shared.

So glad I found out because weight training is how I've lost weight in the past and I am embarking on a new exercise routine implementing the simple exercises in the 7 Minute Workout part of Now Lifestyle.

Although I am an Elite member, to begin the 7 Minute Workout is free for the whole program. 

If you are at a point that you know it's in your best to get fit, I encourage you to sign up now and just get started!

Get Enrolled HERE FREE and find me on Facebook to celebrate! 


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How to Heal and be Happy

I know how you feel.


Just don't have a clue of how to get better.

Seems like it never gets better.

One thing after another.

7 years ago I lost my job.

I needed that job to pay the mortgage and feed the horses.

On top of that, my right shoulder was messed up and I was in constant pain.

We had a $2800/month house payment.

It took at least $600/month to feed the ponies.

Do the math: $3400 a month before the utilities just to survive.
I quit making house payments because I thought being fed was more important.

I eventually had surgery but the clock was ticking.

Had to get out of the house pronto.

We moved what we could into our motor home and camped out on a piece of land
we own in Arizona for a month.

That was so humbling.

This was the most stressful period in my life!

I wanted to cry all the time. I didn't feel good.

I worried about the horses I eventually gave away. I tried not to think about them as at least they were getting fed.

After a while, I made the mental shift to just accept I cannot do anything about the past. I was to look forward from then on.

My husband needed me as he was getting worse as dementia was really setting in. Front and center.

What I came to realize was that when I made up my mind to quit agonizing over the past, that my health and mental being got better.

My story may touch you. I hope so

What I want you to get from this is that whatever you are dealing with now can be made better if you are able to make the mental shift as I did.

Will you be healed completely? I don't know.

Even though it is in your face, look past it and imagine how it could be without it. Dwell on that. Become that new being in you mind. And most importantly, BREATHE! On purpose and deliberately. Breathe as you say “I am better than that!”

Peace dear friend!



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Having A Weight Loss Plan

You have heard plans for gaining? Very strange indeed!

Here you are thinking about a loss plan! And you are very serious about this loss! You have a loss-sharing buddy, you congratulate each other over the losses you have ‘gained' in the period under review! Any reduction in the loss is not to your mutual liking!

Any weight loss plan that does not take the diet aspect into consideration, is no plan at all! Who are the starred generals in the weight loss plan that are expected to give sterling performances? Of course, the old war-horses! They are: Exercise and Diet!

How to get results from the weight loss plan?

Whatever methods you use, they must perform two functions—stimulate metabolism which do the job of fat burning and continuously assist you in the process of loss, without intermission! Any plan or any ingredient that is appetite-suppressant without causing any side effects, is suitable for your weight loss plan. It must lessen your struggle with weight on various parts of your body. It must trim the excess fat around the waist and buttocks.

get fitRelentless research is going on in this million-dollar weight loss project.

The whole idea is to find sensible and sustainable ways for overweight patients to lose weight, and to maintain that gained position of weight loss over a long period. It is the most frustrating experience to gain weight after so much of trials and tribulations, after having once lost it!

The importance of exercises is emphatic.

Nobody has ever said- I did exercise and I gained weight! The various yoga asanas and Ashtanga Yoga & Bikrama Yoga are very useful. The overweight and obese specialists emphasize on one thing even after prescribing medication—understand the importance of exercise for all successful weight loss programs. Physical activity is key to staying healthy.

You are fat because you are lazy.

Lets fix that. Now, you are moving in the right direction, because now you know the value of right nutrition. It goes without saying that when you talk about right nutrition, all items of wrong nutrition need to be avoided at all costs. Even for the sake of temptation, those should not be given a chance to enter into your system. They have created enough havoc in the past. Let them take the well-deserved rest now.

Keep a careful calorie count.

There should be awareness in you about what should be done and what should not! You know what is your problem, you have understood the cause of your problem and therefore you will find the answer for your problem—definitely!


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Your Home Gym Equipment

Three Affordable Examples

by Emilia Quiroga (guest blogger)

When thinking of starting (or restarting) an exercise program, there are many reasons people give for putting it off. Some individuals are self-conscious about their bodies and are afraid of the thought of visiting a gym. There are some who don't want to spend money for a gym membership and still others feel as though they don't have the time. Each one of these fears can be addressed through exercising in your house. The following are my top three fitness items you can utilize for a quick, affordable workout program. Each one of these can be purchased for under $100 and can simply be used in the house.

Bosu Ball – A Bosu ball is a fitness device that enables a person to balance train as well as aerobic and strength training. Bosu is an acronym for “Both Sides Up”. A Bosu ball looks like a stability ball which has been cut in half and connected to a platform. Several different lower and upper body exercises may be performed with either the dome side up or the platform side up. A Bosu ball with exercise DVD can be bought for around $80.

Resistance Bands – Resistance bands are like huge rubber bands that you pull to work particular muscle groups . Resistance bands are much more simple than typical weight-lifting gear, as they are lighter, more transportable and simple to use. The bands come in distinct levels of resistance and are typically color coded with increasing resistance levels shown with increasingly darker color bands. A number of five resistance bands can be purchased on the internet for as little as $15, and many sets includes either a workout manual displaying how to do various exercises or even an instructional DVD.

Adjustable Dumbbells/Kettle bells – If exercise space is the main concern keeping you from starting an exercise routine, then adjustable dumbbells or kettle bells may be the best option. Instead of having dumbbells/kettle bells for every weight increment, you have one object that you can adjust to the preferred weight. This also is an affordable method of getting a total body workout. Whether you choose dumbbells or kettle bells (or both) is up to your personal choice.

Top quality new equipment could be a bit costly but if you search online you can find absolutely great used tool for under $100.

About the Author:

If you will still like to learn more about finding great prices on exercise equipment for your home, check out my personal website here: alat fitness.

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Understanding Child Obesity In The World

by Darryl Jones (our Guest blogger)

Many parts of the world are experiencing problems with child obesity. Children are becoming overweight at very young ages. Here is more about this worldwide concern and possible solutions.
Obesity exists when body mass index or BMI is above 30 for adults. However, for children it is much lower, as body fat tends to increase with age. BMI is calculated by comparing height to weight. For example, a ten year old and fifteen year old may have the same BMI of 23. The 15 year old would be in the normal range while the 10 year old would be obese.

Child obesity is not localized to one area of the world. However developing countries like Mexico, the US, and the UK, are experience the most problems. Today's children are getting less and less exercise than just a decade or so before. The popularity of video games is one reason for sedentary lifestyles among children. One burns up little energy while playing hours of video games.

The ever-present internet has brought many good things into the world. However, it also contributes to the problems of many children that are not getting enough exercise. Many kids are spending hours online as they talk to friends and classmates in chat programs.

Exercise is no longer important.
Most kids consume too many calories because of the availability of foods high in fat and sugar. Junk foods are becoming cheaper as they are mass produced. Fast foods are very convenient for many families with working parents. Many people simply do not have time to prepare meals and sit and eat as a family.

In fact, it may be cheaper to have a fast food meal than to cook a nutritious meal.

Obese children face the possibility of many kinds of health concerns that can shorten lifespan. These health problems limit one's self image and can cause many emotional disorders. In the year 2010, the World Health Organization estimates than over forty million children in the world are overweight, and this problem is preventable.

Preventing child obesity starts with limiting video and Internet time. It also begins with a healthier diet. Families need to spend more time out of doors, getting fresh air and exercise.

It is up to parents to set an example for young people.

If parents tell children to eat healthy and exercise and they are sedentary and eating poorly, children are not going to be motivated to make lifestyle changes.

About the Author:

Looking to find the best information on Child Obesity, then visit to find the latest information on What is Obesity.

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