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Fitness – Your Mind and Body

As a entrepreneur, it can be challenging to supply the physical fitness needs that help the non-physical ones.

As for me, I am over 50 and have always been a bit pudgy. 

What I am finding now is that my joints are really complaining about the activities I try to put them through. 

One thing I have found out recently, is that as we get older, our ligaments don't stretch like they used to. 

So what that means is that if we train like we did as a younger person that we run the risk of injury. 

That's the LAST thing we need at this point in life, right?

I recently hooked up with Joel and his Now Lifestyle program. This is where I learned about what I just shared.

So glad I found out because weight training is how I've lost weight in the past and I am embarking on a new exercise routine implementing the simple exercises in the 7 Minute Workout part of Now Lifestyle.

Although I am an Elite member, to begin the 7 Minute Workout is free for the whole program. 

If you are at a point that you know it's in your best to get fit, I encourage you to sign up now and just get started!

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Life of an Entrepreneur…. 

The struggle is real as you know…. but victory is not living there! Entrepreneurs are risk takers.

All the successful Entrepreneur started from scratch. What they did to rise above the circumstances will be the work ethic anyone who aspires greatness must do. 

Is YOUR bank account $-200 in the red? Does it seem hopeless?


You are at a point of transition. Grab it by the horns! 

A select few have found the train .

Not saying you can do the same, but you don't know until you
see what can be accomplished.

Change is hard.

BRUTAL at times.

But the only way to what you want is THROUGH.

So bring on the RINGS OF FIRE…

I am up to them.

Because I know what's on the other side.

And my desire to share this FREEDOM with 

people is stronger than ever.

Products come and go…

Programs come and go…

But skills and relationships STAY

and make you prosperous.

And only YOU can create those things.

Why not ask yourself this question today…

Is what I am working on today taking me 

closer to my freedom or further away from it?

Am I independent and capable of making money RIGHT NOW
based upon my skills and relationships or am I in bondage

or worse yet….do I still fall victim to hype and hollow promises?

Can I be triggered by greed?

Am I seeking recognition and “love”

from a business environment?

This is THE WORK that we all need to do if we want

to come out on top.

We must nourish ourselves….love ourselves,

train ourselves that the thing we seek does not

sit outside of ourselves.

This is hard work.

This can be painful work.

But it is THE PATH.

In the end all I want out of life is to know that SOMEBODY
took what I shared and started a new life.
That's all.
If you have gained anything from this post, feel free to comment and share.
KIm Flores - adventure.preneur


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How to Heal and be Happy

I know how you feel.


Just don't have a clue of how to get better.

Seems like it never gets better.

One thing after another.

7 years ago I lost my job.

I needed that job to pay the mortgage and feed the horses.

On top of that, my right shoulder was messed up and I was in constant pain.

We had a $2800/month house payment.

It took at least $600/month to feed the ponies.

Do the math: $3400 a month before the utilities just to survive.
I quit making house payments because I thought being fed was more important.

I eventually had surgery but the clock was ticking.

Had to get out of the house pronto.

We moved what we could into our motor home and camped out on a piece of land
we own in Arizona for a month.

That was so humbling.

This was the most stressful period in my life!

I wanted to cry all the time. I didn't feel good.

I worried about the horses I eventually gave away. I tried not to think about them as at least they were getting fed.

After a while, I made the mental shift to just accept I cannot do anything about the past. I was to look forward from then on.

My husband needed me as he was getting worse as dementia was really setting in. Front and center.

What I came to realize was that when I made up my mind to quit agonizing over the past, that my health and mental being got better.

My story may touch you. I hope so

What I want you to get from this is that whatever you are dealing with now can be made better if you are able to make the mental shift as I did.

Will you be healed completely? I don't know.

Even though it is in your face, look past it and imagine how it could be without it. Dwell on that. Become that new being in you mind. And most importantly, BREATHE! On purpose and deliberately. Breathe as you say “I am better than that!”

Peace dear friend!



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Here’s A Quick Way To Stay on Track And Stay Concentrated

Countless famous people keep daily diaries, some people today use blogs. Does keeping an MLM diary assist when building a network marketing business? What are the benefits in spending a couple moments every day listing anything that you've done or exactly what you have attained?

Can keeping an MLM diary help you to accomplish success instead of merely plodding along by having an unclear idea of how well you're doing? Let's uncover how handy keeping a daily MLM diary can literally be.

An MLM diary – Part of a Roadmap to Success

They say that any journey starts with the first step. Is this really true?

Doesn't any quest really begin when you first start planning it? You think about probably taking a vacation and start checking out hotel fees and air fares or fuel. Many people will look online as well as take a look at assorted hotels and attractions in the area they wish to check out. A lot of people have a budget so they write down the cost of every little thing and then go ahead and choose the destination, the route and book the resort.

Step 1 of keeping an MLM diary— write down the plans.

When you have discovered the location, you'll determine exactly how to obtain to the resort from the airport. You additionally make a note of which days you organize to go to any regional attractions. You determine if you would like to hire a vehicle at the airport or make use of public transport to receive around. You most likely chose a resort that was central to the puts you preferred to visit on your trip.

Step 2 of keeping an MLM diary— write down exactly what you plan to do ahead.

When you show up you'll go to the hotel, check in as well as start your “vacation”, which could involve taking pictures of the pool as well as the scenery around the hotel. Possibly you meet people in the hotel, restaurant, or traveling to do some sightseeing and make notes of their names and where they came from.

Step 3 of keeping an MLM diary— write down what you have actually done as well as exactly what your observations were.

When you get back you share with your friends and family about what a great trip you had and maybe a person in the family decides he ‘d want to take his family there also after seeing the pics and videos.

Step 4 of keeping an MLM diary— record any complications that can easily be avoided.

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By mapping anything you do and taking thorough notes you will reach that sweet place quicker and eliminate any distractions as well as pitfalls along the method.

In network marketing, look for a mentor that will certainly be happy to show you their MLM diary. This will offer you a great insight of what you ought to be doing every day. 

Write down every day all the things that you have observed so you don't forget. You are able to then share this information with your own group associates and team mates. Even the negative things that happen– so they do not have to go through a similar encounters.

So, get yourself a nice journal and get going! 

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Travel Blogger Discovers a Reason for Everything

We are camped at Middle Concho West, is next to Twin Buttes Dam and is located in Tom Green County, Texas
When we first pulled in, we were presented with a lot of paths that wind around the water. Trash cans and picnic benches and a couple of restrooms.

We are fully self-contained and solar powered so no utilities needed – save the air conditioner needs the generators as desired.

So I got as close to the water as I could, but because of the abundant grass I wanted to stay on solid ground as it has been raining here in West-Central Texas, so set up on a path next to a picnic bench. There was another road that went around so thought I would be ok.

Well, no sooner had I got the slides and jacks down and went up top to put y satellite antennae that I spotted a San Angelo Police car watching me from the nearby path. I waved and came down in case he wanted to say something.

He Did!

“You know you are on the main path?”
What? I thought it was a pull-through, and wanted to stay off the grass which is what I get when at any other park.

“I didn’t know that. Give me a couple hours and I’ll move it.” I said as he was obviously not happy with having to tell me that. I mean, he and I agreed that the rain was a factor and there isn't hardy anyone here (back to school time).

Me being the honest, do what you must even when no one is looking-type, got hooked up and reset to move.

I decided to back into the tall grass below where I was as it flattened out about 20’ from the blasted ‘path/road”.

I then unhooked and reset the slides and jacks. By this time I was tired and decided to go plop down inside when I looked out my rear window and saw IT!

A huge cross someone had planted in their yard across the water.
Ah! I must need to refocus and reflect a bit more with my Mentor.

So there was a reason that Officer happened by when he did.
I get it!

It was worth all the effort!