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Business Building With No Headaches

Building a business, weather online or offline can be a real pain sometimes. Particularly if you are doing it alone. But then again, maybe more so WITH a partner 😉
Anyway, there are certain problems that always crop up. 

So what should you as a business operator do?

Get a coach or mentor. That's what.

Chose one that has gone the way you intend to go, they have the wisdom to help you avoid those pesky potholes that are just waiting to suck you and your money into.

You may find it hard to believe, but even the most successful business people consult with a coach or take a workshop of some sort just to stay in the flow.

Have a person you admire in your field? Follow them on social media. Pay attention to what they do and say, even how their audience or clients interact with them.

For example, look at Tony Robbins. Google him. Check out the related content on him. Does he have a training or document you can have free or little cost?

Another way is to become part of a group or membership where your peers are. Are they asking the questions you have been struggling with? Do they share their results and hacks? Facebook is a great place to find others to collaborate with.

If you have read this far, I am putting this out there: let's get together and see if I can help out in some way. I have been in this for a while and have seen gurus come and go, but have managed to glean some of their best stuff that I can share. 

So, put down the pain killers and get hooked up with someone, not just me, who can give you a hand up.

I would love to hear your stories and how you have overcome certain obstacles.

Comment and share to share the love!

KIm Flores - adventure.preneur

PS Are you struggling and having a hard time getting anyone to listen to you? I understand! 
Just for you, I am giving you a peek into my system that has all but eliminated many of the pains I used to battle with, and a complimentary membership in the group where I get my secrets 😉
Check it out for $10 bucks and get the mojo flowing. If it doesn't after you've gone through the simple steps, then get it all back. 


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Facebook LIVE Videos – Fearlessly!

Do run and duck for cover as soon as you hear the words Facebook LIVE, Video Marketing, or whatever it is that’s chaining you down?

Are you avoiding this incredibly powerful medium because of a fear of videos? Or, oh man, LIVE VIDEOS?

We’ve all got fears that hold us back in one way or another.

However, if you’re the person that has a vision right now of becoming a leader in the home biz industry, then those fears will keep YOU away from ever achieving your biz goals. Period.

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If so then you need to hear the message that MLSP CEO Brian Fanale has for you in the video below.

It happens to come straight from one of his own FB LIVES he does every weekday for the Private MLSP Community!

YOU Will Walk Away From This Video With 3 New Weapons to Finally Obliterate YOUR Fear of Facebook LIVE and MORE!


So Let’s Quickly Recap How to Get Over Your Fear So You Can Do Your First Facebook LIVE Now!

#1 Take the Focus Off of YOU!

You’re doing the video so you can help OTHERS! So just become the messenger. It’s not about YOU, it’s about the value that you’re giving your audience.

Get that right and you’ve got nothing else to worry about!

#2 Use NOTES!

Stick a Post-It Note right in front of you, and list all the things that you want to talk about.

Nobody will care that you’re reading from notes. They’re just there to get the content. They really don’t care much about your method of delivering it.

Just click LIVE and start serving your audience the messages they need to hear!

#3 Realize That Holding On To the Story That Brought This Fear Into Your Life is ONLY Hurting YOU (and Killing Your Chance of Success!)
  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m too big
  • Not good looking enough.
  • Too small
  • Not smart enough
  • Nobody is going to follow me
  • I’m not a leader yet
  • ETC

These are just outdated stories. Old news that doesn’t serve you anymore. 

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How often do you read last week’s newspaper? Much less last year, or many years ago? So then why do you keep reading your old outdated stories as if they’re relevant today?

It’s keeping you from being the person… that does the stuff that needs to be done… to become the leader that people will follow.

When you push that fear aside, and do it (FB LIVE, Videos, Blog Posts, etc.) your vision expands. You start to realize that you’re becoming that person.

Eventually you’ll wake up one day, and notice that you HAVE become that person!

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Here’s A Quick Way To Stay on Track And Stay Concentrated

Countless famous people keep daily diaries, some people today use blogs. Does keeping an MLM diary assist when building a network marketing business? What are the benefits in spending a couple moments every day listing anything that you've done or exactly what you have attained?

Can keeping an MLM diary help you to accomplish success instead of merely plodding along by having an unclear idea of how well you're doing? Let's uncover how handy keeping a daily MLM diary can literally be.

An MLM diary – Part of a Roadmap to Success

They say that any journey starts with the first step. Is this really true?

Doesn't any quest really begin when you first start planning it? You think about probably taking a vacation and start checking out hotel fees and air fares or fuel. Many people will look online as well as take a look at assorted hotels and attractions in the area they wish to check out. A lot of people have a budget so they write down the cost of every little thing and then go ahead and choose the destination, the route and book the resort.

Step 1 of keeping an MLM diary— write down the plans.

When you have discovered the location, you'll determine exactly how to obtain to the resort from the airport. You additionally make a note of which days you organize to go to any regional attractions. You determine if you would like to hire a vehicle at the airport or make use of public transport to receive around. You most likely chose a resort that was central to the puts you preferred to visit on your trip.

Step 2 of keeping an MLM diary— write down exactly what you plan to do ahead.

When you show up you'll go to the hotel, check in as well as start your “vacation”, which could involve taking pictures of the pool as well as the scenery around the hotel. Possibly you meet people in the hotel, restaurant, or traveling to do some sightseeing and make notes of their names and where they came from.

Step 3 of keeping an MLM diary— write down what you have actually done as well as exactly what your observations were.

When you get back you share with your friends and family about what a great trip you had and maybe a person in the family decides he ‘d want to take his family there also after seeing the pics and videos.

Step 4 of keeping an MLM diary— record any complications that can easily be avoided.

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By mapping anything you do and taking thorough notes you will reach that sweet place quicker and eliminate any distractions as well as pitfalls along the method.

In network marketing, look for a mentor that will certainly be happy to show you their MLM diary. This will offer you a great insight of what you ought to be doing every day. 

Write down every day all the things that you have observed so you don't forget. You are able to then share this information with your own group associates and team mates. Even the negative things that happen– so they do not have to go through a similar encounters.

So, get yourself a nice journal and get going! 

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The Line That Separates You From Massive Success

“I already know that” How many times have you been on a webinar, recorded training or had a mastermind session and felt like you knew most of the information discussed? You feel pretty good about yourself and how much you know so, you decide to write an article about it.

Topic “Creating Network Marketing Success”

Then…Life happens and the next thing you know, another week has gone by and you’re back where you were before.

It’s tough to fall back into the daily grind. The life of an entrepreneur is a roller coaster ride of emotions, especially after the high of your mastermind session.

The only thing you can do to cure that down fall is to get in active mode. Pick up the phone, reach out to someone, do a video, put on a webinar or do the things you outlined in your article, mentioned above.

If you’re like most, you run into resistance, when it comes to activity. Sometimes it looks like “It works for others”, “Getting ready to get ready”, “I’ll get that done tomorrow” or “As soon as I learnX…”

When resistance wins, it typically tells you one thing… You are comfortable where you are.

In order to reach success and because it looks different to everyone, you must first define what your success looks like. In the Video Below, we work through an exercise together that will show you where you are now, what your life is going to look like and How To Step Over That Line to create Your Extraordinary Life.


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The Secret to Becoming a Confident Marketer is This One Thing

Becoming a confident marketer is a process that has to be taken one step at a time.

If there’s one thing that perplexes any marketer, it’s the ability to avoid “overwhelm” or getting involved in too many things trying to market their product or service.

It is so hard to keep from trying to get the word out by trying to blanket the world with the message on every medium out there.


I have been sucked into it too. It is very frustrating and makes you want to just give up from just getting burned out, not getting the results you desperately are looking for.

There is good news (its not your fault you know). It's just how you are going about it.

In this video I reveal a secret that I picked up on and it has really paid off.
Do this FIRST, then go to the next.

Check it out and share as you see the value unfold:

Overwhelmed? Burned Out? Don't know where to start?
Get my checklist to insure you are on track to keep your sanity while you create YOUR dynasty!

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