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Business Building With No Headaches

Building a business, weather online or offline can be a real pain sometimes. Particularly if you are doing it alone. But then again, maybe more so WITH a partner 😉
Anyway, there are certain problems that always crop up. 

So what should you as a business operator do?

Get a coach or mentor. That's what.

Chose one that has gone the way you intend to go, they have the wisdom to help you avoid those pesky potholes that are just waiting to suck you and your money into.

You may find it hard to believe, but even the most successful business people consult with a coach or take a workshop of some sort just to stay in the flow.

Have a person you admire in your field? Follow them on social media. Pay attention to what they do and say, even how their audience or clients interact with them.

For example, look at Tony Robbins. Google him. Check out the related content on him. Does he have a training or document you can have free or little cost?

Another way is to become part of a group or membership where your peers are. Are they asking the questions you have been struggling with? Do they share their results and hacks? Facebook is a great place to find others to collaborate with.

If you have read this far, I am putting this out there: let's get together and see if I can help out in some way. I have been in this for a while and have seen gurus come and go, but have managed to glean some of their best stuff that I can share. 

So, put down the pain killers and get hooked up with someone, not just me, who can give you a hand up.

I would love to hear your stories and how you have overcome certain obstacles.

Comment and share to share the love!

KIm Flores - adventure.preneur

PS Are you struggling and having a hard time getting anyone to listen to you? I understand! 
Just for you, I am giving you a peek into my system that has all but eliminated many of the pains I used to battle with, and a complimentary membership in the group where I get my secrets 😉
Check it out for $10 bucks and get the mojo flowing. If it doesn't after you've gone through the simple steps, then get it all back. 


Inspiration Lifestyle

Life of an Entrepreneur…. 

The struggle is real as you know…. but victory is not living there! Entrepreneurs are risk takers.

All the successful Entrepreneur started from scratch. What they did to rise above the circumstances will be the work ethic anyone who aspires greatness must do. 

Is YOUR bank account $-200 in the red? Does it seem hopeless?


You are at a point of transition. Grab it by the horns! 

A select few have found the train .

Not saying you can do the same, but you don't know until you
see what can be accomplished.

Change is hard.

BRUTAL at times.

But the only way to what you want is THROUGH.

So bring on the RINGS OF FIRE…

I am up to them.

Because I know what's on the other side.

And my desire to share this FREEDOM with 

people is stronger than ever.

Products come and go…

Programs come and go…

But skills and relationships STAY

and make you prosperous.

And only YOU can create those things.

Why not ask yourself this question today…

Is what I am working on today taking me 

closer to my freedom or further away from it?

Am I independent and capable of making money RIGHT NOW
based upon my skills and relationships or am I in bondage

or worse yet….do I still fall victim to hype and hollow promises?

Can I be triggered by greed?

Am I seeking recognition and “love”

from a business environment?

This is THE WORK that we all need to do if we want

to come out on top.

We must nourish ourselves….love ourselves,

train ourselves that the thing we seek does not

sit outside of ourselves.

This is hard work.

This can be painful work.

But it is THE PATH.

In the end all I want out of life is to know that SOMEBODY
took what I shared and started a new life.
That's all.
If you have gained anything from this post, feel free to comment and share.
KIm Flores - adventure.preneur


Personal Development

Facebook LIVE Videos – Fearlessly!

Do run and duck for cover as soon as you hear the words Facebook LIVE, Video Marketing, or whatever it is that’s chaining you down?

Are you avoiding this incredibly powerful medium because of a fear of videos? Or, oh man, LIVE VIDEOS?

We’ve all got fears that hold us back in one way or another.

However, if you’re the person that has a vision right now of becoming a leader in the home biz industry, then those fears will keep YOU away from ever achieving your biz goals. Period.

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If so then you need to hear the message that MLSP CEO Brian Fanale has for you in the video below.

It happens to come straight from one of his own FB LIVES he does every weekday for the Private MLSP Community!

YOU Will Walk Away From This Video With 3 New Weapons to Finally Obliterate YOUR Fear of Facebook LIVE and MORE!


So Let’s Quickly Recap How to Get Over Your Fear So You Can Do Your First Facebook LIVE Now!

#1 Take the Focus Off of YOU!

You’re doing the video so you can help OTHERS! So just become the messenger. It’s not about YOU, it’s about the value that you’re giving your audience.

Get that right and you’ve got nothing else to worry about!

#2 Use NOTES!

Stick a Post-It Note right in front of you, and list all the things that you want to talk about.

Nobody will care that you’re reading from notes. They’re just there to get the content. They really don’t care much about your method of delivering it.

Just click LIVE and start serving your audience the messages they need to hear!

#3 Realize That Holding On To the Story That Brought This Fear Into Your Life is ONLY Hurting YOU (and Killing Your Chance of Success!)
  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m too big
  • Not good looking enough.
  • Too small
  • Not smart enough
  • Nobody is going to follow me
  • I’m not a leader yet
  • ETC

These are just outdated stories. Old news that doesn’t serve you anymore. 

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How often do you read last week’s newspaper? Much less last year, or many years ago? So then why do you keep reading your old outdated stories as if they’re relevant today?

It’s keeping you from being the person… that does the stuff that needs to be done… to become the leader that people will follow.

When you push that fear aside, and do it (FB LIVE, Videos, Blog Posts, etc.) your vision expands. You start to realize that you’re becoming that person.

Eventually you’ll wake up one day, and notice that you HAVE become that person!


What DO You Want To Be Known For?

What is a adventurepreneur?

Depending on what your environment has surrounded you with, which is a choice you have made to allow, can lead you to abundance or lack.

Some of the things you allow into your reality can shape you in the future.
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What is it that you want to be known for?

Below is some of the stuff I listen to to keep me always looking out of the box; Mark is one of my mentors and want to share the wealth with you today.

Want to add Mark to your personal development arsenal on a intimate level?

Find how HERE!


“Even though I love the mountains & they seduce me, if I didn't do a few hours of productive work today, I'd feel guilty and not enjoy skiing.”

In today's podcast, you'll discover how to:

*locate your ‘anxiety triggers' & reduce them

*prep for potentially big-money business meetings

*gain more distinction on whether you are more of an “adventurepreneur” or an “entrepreneur”

I think you'll love this episode.

Pop on the first 5-minutes here:

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Mark Hoverson