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The Line That Separates You From Massive Success

“I already know that” How many times have you been on a webinar, recorded training or had a mastermind session and felt like you knew most of the information discussed? You feel pretty good about yourself and how much you know so, you decide to write an article about it.

Topic “Creating Network Marketing Success”

Then…Life happens and the next thing you know, another week has gone by and you’re back where you were before.

It’s tough to fall back into the daily grind. The life of an entrepreneur is a roller coaster ride of emotions, especially after the high of your mastermind session.

The only thing you can do to cure that down fall is to get in active mode. Pick up the phone, reach out to someone, do a video, put on a webinar or do the things you outlined in your article, mentioned above.

If you’re like most, you run into resistance, when it comes to activity. Sometimes it looks like “It works for others”, “Getting ready to get ready”, “I’ll get that done tomorrow” or “As soon as I learnX…”

When resistance wins, it typically tells you one thing… You are comfortable where you are.

In order to reach success and because it looks different to everyone, you must first define what your success looks like. In the Video Below, we work through an exercise together that will show you where you are now, what your life is going to look like and How To Step Over That Line to create Your Extraordinary Life.


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Training Automobile Sales Professionals

It's a fact that 90% of car buyers purchase a previously owned vehicle at some point in their lives. The “switch” from buying new to used car can be a predictable and satisfying one at that. There is a great potential for sales teams to initiate this tactic as well. In the auto and sales marketing game it seems to be an apparent truism that around 40% of customers can be counted to switch their preferences when they view the next showroom. Salesmen and women must be on the alert and eve keen on identifying the profile of the used car buyer.


Sales people must master the art of recognizing the used buyer. This is possible through determining a person's needs wants, budget, likes, dislikes and pattern of ownership. Most buyers who were happy with their used vehicles in the past can be persuaded to switch into buying a used vehicle again. However, if the customer talks about new gear all the time, chances are, that person won't be willing to change his or her mind. Make an inquiry, if the vehicle will be the first or second purchase of the customer. Remember to tell every buyer that you have a used section located within the dealership. Given the example that there's a customer who would like to buy a brand new Ford Focus. The buyer frankly says that he or she is looking for the cheapest price in the market. If you settle for their price, there's not much money in it for you. On the other hand, if you offer a two-year-old vehicle of the same type for less the price, an interested customer can make the deal more profitable for you. The hard part it seems, is to get those auto buyers to your front door or to call your switch board. Sure they may visit the and homepages of each truck dealer in Edmonton , Fort McMurray or Sherwood Park Alberta , yet will they arrive at your auto dealership's lot or door step ?

Each customer that walks in the dealership must be informed that it has a used section. Simply by telling them, this fact can be remembered in the event that they change their preferences or when they can't seem to find what they like in the new section. Know all your products, no matter which section they belong in. This will come in handy when you include the used cars as one of the options of your potential buyer. For example, if a buyer wants a new Ford Focus and they're only looking for the best price in the area, you won't make as much profit if you settle for the lowest price. However, if you give them the option of two-year old Focus which has about the same equipment and for less the cost, there's more room for profit on your behalf.

Timing is important. You can start discussing the used option when the customer opens up about a credit problem. Upon rejection of a credit application, some persons may be shocked or upset, but most are willing to settle for other alternatives specially if they would really like to own a vehicle of their own. This is now the perfect opportunity to a used car that has a good ownership history only costing half the price of the previously desired car. Don't neglect to mention the warranty if it's still available or maybe some portion of it can still be used.

The seller should be able to carry the conversation and refrain from sounding apologetic for showing the used car. Information is power. Be sure to know the inventory for both the new and the used vehicle. Perhaps, the car that the customer ideally wanted to purchase had unnecessary features which caused it to be more expensive. It could be that the used car has more features but for less the price. Listen to the customer's interests and show them how to find a match in the more practical used department.

All marketing efforts of sales borrow a bit from experience and mix in a bit of guesswork on the psychology of what motivates others to buy something offered to them. Mastery in the ways & means of selling can offer very high incomes, while failure in it is nearly proverbial. Coverage of the latter is popularized in works such as Death of a Salesman and Glengarry Glen Ross.