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Facebook LIVE Videos – Fearlessly!

Do run and duck for cover as soon as you hear the words Facebook LIVE, Video Marketing, or whatever it is that’s chaining you down?

Are you avoiding this incredibly powerful medium because of a fear of videos? Or, oh man, LIVE VIDEOS?

We’ve all got fears that hold us back in one way or another.

However, if you’re the person that has a vision right now of becoming a leader in the home biz industry, then those fears will keep YOU away from ever achieving your biz goals. Period.

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If so then you need to hear the message that MLSP CEO Brian Fanale has for you in the video below.

It happens to come straight from one of his own FB LIVES he does every weekday for the Private MLSP Community!

YOU Will Walk Away From This Video With 3 New Weapons to Finally Obliterate YOUR Fear of Facebook LIVE and MORE!


So Let’s Quickly Recap How to Get Over Your Fear So You Can Do Your First Facebook LIVE Now!

#1 Take the Focus Off of YOU!

You’re doing the video so you can help OTHERS! So just become the messenger. It’s not about YOU, it’s about the value that you’re giving your audience.

Get that right and you’ve got nothing else to worry about!

#2 Use NOTES!

Stick a Post-It Note right in front of you, and list all the things that you want to talk about.

Nobody will care that you’re reading from notes. They’re just there to get the content. They really don’t care much about your method of delivering it.

Just click LIVE and start serving your audience the messages they need to hear!

#3 Realize That Holding On To the Story That Brought This Fear Into Your Life is ONLY Hurting YOU (and Killing Your Chance of Success!)
  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m too big
  • Not good looking enough.
  • Too small
  • Not smart enough
  • Nobody is going to follow me
  • I’m not a leader yet
  • ETC

These are just outdated stories. Old news that doesn’t serve you anymore. 

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How often do you read last week’s newspaper? Much less last year, or many years ago? So then why do you keep reading your old outdated stories as if they’re relevant today?

It’s keeping you from being the person… that does the stuff that needs to be done… to become the leader that people will follow.

When you push that fear aside, and do it (FB LIVE, Videos, Blog Posts, etc.) your vision expands. You start to realize that you’re becoming that person.

Eventually you’ll wake up one day, and notice that you HAVE become that person!

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