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10 Lead Generation Tactics That Work

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10 Lead Generation Tactics That Work
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Health & Wellness

Fitness – Your Mind and Body

As a entrepreneur, it can be challenging to supply the physical fitness needs that help the non-physical ones.

As for me, I am over 50 and have always been a bit pudgy. 

What I am finding now is that my joints are really complaining about the activities I try to put them through. 

One thing I have found out recently, is that as we get older, our ligaments don't stretch like they used to. 

So what that means is that if we train like we did as a younger person that we run the risk of injury. 

That's the LAST thing we need at this point in life, right?

I recently hooked up with Joel and his Now Lifestyle program. This is where I learned about what I just shared.

So glad I found out because weight training is how I've lost weight in the past and I am embarking on a new exercise routine implementing the simple exercises in the 7 Minute Workout part of Now Lifestyle.

Although I am an Elite member, to begin the 7 Minute Workout is free for the whole program. 

If you are at a point that you know it's in your best to get fit, I encourage you to sign up now and just get started!

Get Enrolled HERE FREE and find me on Facebook to celebrate! 



Instagram Images vs Native Facebook Images

Instagram images posted receive more engagement than native Facebook image posts!

A Buzzsumo study of over 1 billion Facebook posts from 3 million brand pages found that images posted to Facebook via Instagram receive more engagement than natively published images:


This is particularly interesting, as often, cross posting from one platform to another results in less engagement (native Facebook video vs. embedding a YouTube video on Facebook, for example).

However, with Instagram being owned by Facebook, there could be some benefits for Facebook by making posts from Instagram more visible in the timeline.

Have you tried posting images to Facebook via Instagram? I’d love to hear if you noticed any difference in engagement in the comments below.

Share and comment if you found value!



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How to Edit Your Facebook Ad Preferences

Have you ever seen a random ad appear in your timeline and wondered why Facebook is showing it to you?

It probably has something to do with your Facebook Ad Preferences – a selection of topics Facebook believes you’re interested in based on your profile, Pages you like or engage with, ads you click on and apps and websites you use.

It’s super interesting to understand more about what topics Facebook believes you’re interested in and within your Facebook settings, you can view and even edit these preferences.

To take a peek at your preferences, click on Settings in the top right corner of Facebook:


Then select ADS, and click Your interests’. 


Chose Your Interests.

Then Go Back and Click on Ad settings

Click YES or NO on the button.



It’s fascinating to dive into each category and check out the topics listed within your preferences.

If you’d like to remove any of your preferences, and not receive ads targeted to that topic, you can do so by hovering over the ICON and clicking the ‘x’ button:

2017-06-07_15-14-26 2017-06-07_15-19-47

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