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Life of an Entrepreneur…. 

The struggle is real as you know…. but victory is not living there! Entrepreneurs are risk takers.

All the successful Entrepreneur started from scratch. What they did to rise above the circumstances will be the work ethic anyone who aspires greatness must do. 

Is YOUR bank account $-200 in the red? Does it seem hopeless?


You are at a point of transition. Grab it by the horns! 

A select few have found the train .

Not saying you can do the same, but you don't know until you
see what can be accomplished.

Change is hard.

BRUTAL at times.

But the only way to what you want is THROUGH.

So bring on the RINGS OF FIRE…

I am up to them.

Because I know what's on the other side.

And my desire to share this FREEDOM with 

people is stronger than ever.

Products come and go…

Programs come and go…

But skills and relationships STAY

and make you prosperous.

And only YOU can create those things.

Why not ask yourself this question today…

Is what I am working on today taking me 

closer to my freedom or further away from it?

Am I independent and capable of making money RIGHT NOW
based upon my skills and relationships or am I in bondage

or worse yet….do I still fall victim to hype and hollow promises?

Can I be triggered by greed?

Am I seeking recognition and “love”

from a business environment?

This is THE WORK that we all need to do if we want

to come out on top.

We must nourish ourselves….love ourselves,

train ourselves that the thing we seek does not

sit outside of ourselves.

This is hard work.

This can be painful work.

But it is THE PATH.

In the end all I want out of life is to know that SOMEBODY
took what I shared and started a new life.
That's all.
If you have gained anything from this post, feel free to comment and share.
KIm Flores - adventure.preneur



3 Big Mistakes to Avoid As A Leader

Being a leader has some responsibilities with the title.

Brian Tracy said to me once:

“You have the potential to be a great leader, Kimberly.”

That has stuck with me.

He went on to say:

“Whether or not you are a leader, developing their qualities will still make you a better employee, partner, parent, and person.

Great leaders possess clear focus, courage, and integrity, which are all successful qualities that will get you far.

Remember, all eyes are on the leader. What you say and don’t say, do and don’t do, are put under a microscope and can have the most impact on your team.

On the way to becoming a leader, there are 3 big leadership mistakes that are made today:


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Leaders get things done by leading others to success.

Great leaders also have impeccable time management. They know what their priorities are and how to stay focused on them.

The secret?

Always work from a list.

In its simplest terms, to-do lists are key for efficiency because they contain everything that you have to do — the most important tasks at the top, the least important tasks at the bottom.

When something new comes up, you add it to the list before you do it.

However, there are different types of to-do lists and techniques to prioritize your time and enhance your organization skills.

If you feel overwhelmed by too many things and don’t know what task you should start on… stop, take a deep breath, and use my ABCDE list technique.

It’s the best method for setting priorities on your list. By developing this method, you’ll very easily sort out what is important and unimportant. You’ll be eating the right frogs every time!”

That’s all from me this week. I’m off to do my 2-day MBA! Remember:

[bctt tweet=”Never enough time to do everything, there's always time for the most important thing.” username=”_kimberlyflores”]

To your success,

Brian Tracy