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How to FINALLY Make Money in Your Home Based Business

There are at LEAST 7 things to start the money flowing into your business:

  1. When Promoting your home based business, Be sure to tell the prospect WHAT they will be getting, learning etc…
  2. FInd the Challenge or problem they are facing and relate to them.
  3. Portray the US vs THEM… They are out to get your money, we are here to help you make money etc….
  4. Make it believable, become a credible leader that always tells the truth. They WILL know, believe me!
  5. Create urgency, they have to know the time is limited.
  6. Role play with their possible objections and have an alternative to set their mind at ease.
  7. FINALLY: Ask for the SALE, CLICK, EMAIL or whatever it is that you are after. WIthout this LAST step, you will remain a non-profit business!

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Until next post, TO YOUR Success!


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Travel Blogger Discovers a Reason for Everything

We are camped at Middle Concho West, is next to Twin Buttes Dam and is located in Tom Green County, Texas
When we first pulled in, we were presented with a lot of paths that wind around the water. Trash cans and picnic benches and a couple of restrooms.

We are fully self-contained and solar powered so no utilities needed – save the air conditioner needs the generators as desired.

So I got as close to the water as I could, but because of the abundant grass I wanted to stay on solid ground as it has been raining here in West-Central Texas, so set up on a path next to a picnic bench. There was another road that went around so thought I would be ok.

Well, no sooner had I got the slides and jacks down and went up top to put y satellite antennae that I spotted a San Angelo Police car watching me from the nearby path. I waved and came down in case he wanted to say something.

He Did!

“You know you are on the main path?”
What? I thought it was a pull-through, and wanted to stay off the grass which is what I get when at any other park.

“I didn’t know that. Give me a couple hours and I’ll move it.” I said as he was obviously not happy with having to tell me that. I mean, he and I agreed that the rain was a factor and there isn't hardy anyone here (back to school time).

Me being the honest, do what you must even when no one is looking-type, got hooked up and reset to move.

I decided to back into the tall grass below where I was as it flattened out about 20’ from the blasted ‘path/road”.

I then unhooked and reset the slides and jacks. By this time I was tired and decided to go plop down inside when I looked out my rear window and saw IT!

A huge cross someone had planted in their yard across the water.
Ah! I must need to refocus and reflect a bit more with my Mentor.

So there was a reason that Officer happened by when he did.
I get it!

It was worth all the effort!

Network Marketing

The One Thing Every Network Marketing Leader Does In the Beginning

The many network marketing leaders I've followed say the same thing!

Choose one thing and MASTER it.

Go to my network marketing training site and choose one.

I can help you with that, that's what I do.


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Inspiration make money online

How to Succeed Starts With the Little Things in Your Business

As you go about your business, and seem to be having a hard time and nothing is working, remember this:

As you are struggling, you are actually building your marketing muscle!

Keep at it.

By repeating the little things you think aren't working, you are getting proficient at them!

Remember your FIRST video? I do. Now its no big deal except when the lighting isn't right!

So just keep plugging away at what your coach or trainer has instructed you to do until you are successful at that, then and only then go on to something new.


Hope this has inspired you a bit, if so, like and share.
See you on the next one.


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Personal Development

The Line That Separates You From Massive Success

“I already know that” How many times have you been on a webinar, recorded training or had a mastermind session and felt like you knew most of the information discussed? You feel pretty good about yourself and how much you know so, you decide to write an article about it.

Topic “Creating Network Marketing Success”

Then…Life happens and the next thing you know, another week has gone by and you’re back where you were before.

It’s tough to fall back into the daily grind. The life of an entrepreneur is a roller coaster ride of emotions, especially after the high of your mastermind session.

The only thing you can do to cure that down fall is to get in active mode. Pick up the phone, reach out to someone, do a video, put on a webinar or do the things you outlined in your article, mentioned above.

If you’re like most, you run into resistance, when it comes to activity. Sometimes it looks like “It works for others”, “Getting ready to get ready”, “I’ll get that done tomorrow” or “As soon as I learnX…”

When resistance wins, it typically tells you one thing… You are comfortable where you are.

In order to reach success and because it looks different to everyone, you must first define what your success looks like. In the Video Below, we work through an exercise together that will show you where you are now, what your life is going to look like and How To Step Over That Line to create Your Extraordinary Life.


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