Because Tom was right; The Slavery Model Exposed…

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It was 2007, and I had just built my first successful team ever…

…I was up to making about $3,000 a month – all old school.  Home parties, 3 way calls, conference calls, and hotel meetings.

I had about 500 people in my team, and about 20 people working, I felt like I was about to ‘break through'.

We had a conference call, where the trainer (a multi million dollar earner) was going to teach our team ‘The Secret' to Duplication.


I wanted so badly to go from making $3,000 a month to $30,000…

…I knew the KEY was duplication.

Have you ever felt like that?  That if you could just find the ‘Secret Strategy' that it would unlock your business?

On the conference call, the trainer taught us all how to do 3 way calls, and how ‘even a dog with a note in his mouth' could succeed with this ONE simple strategy…

…I was excited.


I couldn't believe it could be so easy.

It was like someone had just handed me a ‘magical key' that would open the gates of heaven, and duplication was mine…

…my team got PUMPED.

The next day…

…the rampage started.

Someone called me at 8:30 a.m. and said “David, do you have time for a quick 3 way call???? I've got an EXCITED prospect on the line…”

I said… “Sure, patch 'em through”

It worked.

We got Grandma in!

Woohoo!  Whoohoo!


My team started blowing up.  The key?  Get David on the phone with EVERYONE…

Here's what happened:

For the next 90 days straight, my phone blew up from 8:30 a.m. until 11:30pm at night – every day.

I started getting exhausted, and disconnected, and couldn't remember why I was working.

150 calls a day…

…for a grand total of $5,000 a month.

Finally, one night I was at my buddy Tom's house.

(He was in ‘the deal' and lived in a refrigerator in the back of a store.)

We were playing a video game, and my phone rang.  It was 11:33 p.m.

I LEAPT out of the couch, and said “Hello?!????”

“David, I'm SO EXCITED… I've got aunt Mary on the phone… She's seen the video… She's SO PUMED UP!!!!!  Can you do a 3 way call?”

Like a super hero in fancy pants, I said “Sure…”

I started pacing back and forth… and it worked!  Like a super hero, I set the phone down, and said:

“I GOT one!”

My buddy Tom looked at me and said:

“Dude, I quit.”

I paused for a second, and thought about what he said.  I thought I got it, but said:


Tom told me a PROFOUND truth that day, he said:

“David, NO amount of money is worth what you just did.  You just picked up the phone, at 11:30 at night to convince someone's Aunt to join a business that creates time freedom.  I'm out man.  I'd rather work at Safeway.”


I didn't quite get it that day, but within 90 days, my whole team was burned out, and started quitting by the hundreds.


Because Tom was right.

Since the day ‘I got it' I haven't had a cell phone.

The result?

My best four weeks from a downline I've earned $257,000.

How many calls did I make?


How many meetings?


See my ‘Freedom System' HERE.

* No 3 way calls allowed.

(Meetings are welcome, though – I actually like those – more on that in a future email.  Meetings are not a ‘Slavery' model if done properly.)

Look, there are certain things, we've got to be honest about.

Thing ONE:

Last year, Amway did $10 billion in sales.  They had their first BILLION dollar month, ever.  They've been growing now since they launched, I think in 1956.

I was in Amway for 3 1/2 years, and listened to OVER 2,000 hour long training audios, from EVERY large organization that exists.  After 3 1/2 years – I didn't even know what ‘3 way call' meant.

See my ‘Freedom System' HERE.

Thing Two:

You're in this to make money, and have time freedom, not be a telemarketer.  Telemarketers make $8.50 an hour in the States, and $3 per hour in the Philippines.  If you make more than that, you probably don't want to be on the phone all day and night for a ‘measly' little weanie income of $8.50 an hour.

See my ‘Freedom SystemHERE.

Thing Three:

There are things that duplicate AND don't suck.  I know a guy named Dave Lovette, who made about $800,000 a year in Amway for about a decade, before moving on and finding something he liked a tad bit better.

I asked Dave:

“Dave, when you were rich in Amway, how much work did you do each month?”

He replied:

“I didn't do any”

I said:

“How many calls did you take?”

He said:

“Maybe 4 or 5…”

I said:

“A MONTH????”


“What was the SECRET Dave????”

He said something profound:

“The SYSTEM did automatically EVERYTHING we as leaders didn't want to do… AND we MADE MONEY from the system!”

See how I do it HERE.

That's how the big boys play 🙂

I like it better, too.

This email might be controversial, and I'm not saying “Don't listen to the hype”

I'm just giving my two cents, as someone who took 3 calls total last week, and makes $8,000 – $15,000 a day.

Take it or leave it – either way, be blessed.

In Success,

David Wood

The Guru Slayer

P.S.  If you've seen the video, you can just get in by clicking here.


Personal Development

Ways To Effortlessly Motivate Others

Motivating a team is a vital skill for any business person to possess. A business owner who understands people and can inspire them will considerably improve their bottom line because their staff members will be more efficient. Therefore, if you'd like to make sure you obtain the best possible results, then you should learn how to effectively encourage your team. This article will look at three suggestions that will make it simple and easy for you to inspire the people that work for you and improve their performance at the same time.

People are highly motivated when they share a common goal, when they are working together towards reaching the same goals. From setting up to reviews and achieving results, every person on your staff needs to be included in every stage of the project. You must organize meetings regularly so that everyone is fully aware of what is happening at all times. The more they know, the harder they will work towards reaching the common goal. You'll also help people feel as if they are making a difference by ensuring they are completely informed of what is happening all the time.


When people think they are making a difference, they are very likely to work harder so that the desired results are realized.

One of the most effective ways to encourage the people on your team is by being a positive example. You simply can't expect people to do things you are not willing to do, so by setting a positive example, your staff will do everything they can to copy you. If you're ready to do anything to obtain results, give your very best and are reliable, your team will do the same. However, if you keep everything to yourself, show up at work at noon at leave two hours later, you will demoralize your team and they will lose all interest in getting the results you are hoping for. People want to emulate successful people so the more exacting you are in the standards you set for yourself, the more likely it is for your staff members to follow in your footsteps. You have to be fair, reliable and open with your people because your ultimate purpose is to encourage your team to obtain results.

There is a school of thought that feels only positive forms of motivation ought to be utilized in the workplace, making discipline a sensitive subject at times. Discipline is still vital at times, even if much more can be accomplished with positive reinforcement and motivation. This doesn't mean you should bully people but at the same time if an individual consistently makes the same mistake and you discover it's because of negligence, for example, then you have to discipline that person promptly and effectively. However, do not dwell on it and be sure to offer rewards when their performance meets or exceeds your expectations.

Motivation is a matter of being aware of what pushes the people on your team. The better you know the individuals you manage, the easier it will be for you to motivate them and ensure their performance meets or exceeds your standards. The above mentioned suggestions are a good point to start but remember that not everything will work. The secret to easy motivation is to really become familiar with the individuals on your team.

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Facebook Marketing – Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business

Facebook Marketing is an excellent book by Steven Holzner. It caters for people who wants to embrace social media like Facebook to expand their reach to millions of potential customers either worldwide or locally. It is easy to read with lots of screen shots and illustrations as guide on how capitalize on Facebook to take one's business to the next level.

Chapter 1 offers useful suggestions on how to get started with Facebook and explains the key features of this site.

The next two chapters introduce Facebook Groups and Pages, and explore how it may use it for marketing purposes without being accused of spamming. It offers useful comparison between Groups and Pages, and how to make it spread like virus.

Other useful marketing features of Facebook covered in the book include:

(a) How to host events for business promotion purposes.
(b) How to advertise in Facebook and how to bid for ad presentation.
(c) How marketplace works.
(d) How to conduct polls.

Chapter 6 illustrates how to optimize and monitor advertising for the target audience. There is also a section on selection of keywords.

The last two chapters cover Facebook Applications and how one may use it for marketing purposes. In this regard, it offers useful tips on how to use Facebook Pre-built Applications for advertising and how to gain exposure through applications. There are also detailed descriptions on how to develop your own applications in Facebook. Whether you are technically inclined or not, this chapter is excellent for bringing ones social media skills to the next level.

In conclusion, Facebook Marketing by Steven Holzner is excellent read and is a must-have for any marketer.

I am a financial and operational management consultant who has been helping corporations and individuals improve their financial well-being for than 20 years. I have now turn my attention to the Internet as it is a great platform for sharing my other passions and “make life better” discoveries. For more tips and secrets on internet marketing visit

Author: Jason J.W. Lim
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