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Why Would Anyone Join ViSalus?

What is going on with ViSalus Sciences lately? Just Google it and be prepared to be amazed.

They have given out over Seven Hundred BMWs with their car program as of this post date, and the excitement from this company is being felt all through the industry.

So is the possibility of getting a BMW the only reason why someone should join ViSalus? Of course not. So let’s look at why you should or should not join ViSalus.

The ViSalus Corporate team is led by CEO Ryan Blair and the experience they have in Network Marketing leadership runs deep. The health and wellness market is very competitive and many companies do not last their first year. ViSalus has been growing for over 7 years now and is doing nothing but thriving.

ViSalus Sciences, backed by billion dollar giant Blyth Inc. officially launched on March 3rd, 2005 Blyth Inc. The ViSalus Sciences distributors have security in the fact that they have a solid infrastructure and huge financial backing.  Just recently, the founders have invested themselves in Blyth and are now controlling shareholders just adding to the stability of the company!

"LIKE" our Fan Page and add your commentsViSalus launched their flagship program called “Body by Vi” in November 2009, which is another reason for the growing buzz and momentum they are seeing. The Body By Vi program is a weight loss, or better yet, a body transformation challenge and can be entered by anyone at any stage or level of fitness. This is an ingenious idea. The 90 Day challenge not only gets their distributors and customers involved and active in buying and consuming the ViSalus products but if they stick with the program and see results they are more likely to stick with the business too!

The ViSalus Sciences Product Line has products spanning weight loss, energy and performance, along with general health products. The product that rocketed the company to success is called Vi-Pak. It is a patented product made up of Minerals, Vitamins, Anti-oxidants and Omega vitals.

Another reason to consider joining any company is the compensation plan. The ViSalus Sciences compensation plan is based on a unilevel structure and pays 5% down 8 levels. You have the ability to earn on more depth in your organization as you advance through the ranks. There are Fast Start bonuses, personal customer commissions on a graduating scale to encourage retail sales, leadership pools, special promotions and the buzz creating BMW car bonus program. Coupled with the Rising Star (Fast Start Bonus), it  is affectionately called “Stars and Cars”. Smile 

Most people are getting the most business from their friends and family as opposed to other MLM’s. If you can apply a Marketing System that allows you to drive traffic, generate more leads and get more reps quickly you can attract a bunch of attention to you as a leader and not just ViSalus as an opportunity. Well how about joining forces with the TOP INCOME EARNERS in EMPOWER NETWORK? That should be the ICING on the cake!

So the question remains…Should you join ViSalus?  Success with ViSalus, and any company for that matter, will be determined by your ability to have the proper tools at your disposal to help you get to the top of the ViSalus Sciences comp plan without having to chase all your friends and family but that just adds to the kitty.

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How To Generate Traffic That Buys Stuff

Want to know how the gurus got where they are and command such traffic? How do they get buyers waiting in line for the program to open?

Most webmasters keep their prized web traffic generating systems to themselves or charge an arm and a leg. I am one of the gals in the trenches. Before I share with you the simplest and easiest methods to generate website traffic I will begin with a little background information.

targeted-trafficAs many people know the search engines create algorithms so nobody can beat the system. The gurus figure a way around this and charge lots of money to drive traffic to your site. Then the dance continues and the search engines create new algorithms. Next thing you know you are going back to the guru or searching for someone new.

Many of us have been sold a bill of goods about generating traffic to our websites and the lure of getting on the top ten. I can tell you from personal experience that I have been in the top ten and it wasn’t that big of an impact. The hook the gurus use to charge a higher fee is the number of keywords you need to get in the top ten. After a while you’ll realize that ONE keyword may have over one hundred variations.

Working with gurus creates a roller coaster of traffic to your website and or blog. Your traffic and sales are dependent on the gurus and the search engines algorithms. When you stop working with the gurus, or their magic isn’t working, your website traffic and sales hit bottom.

Yes there are rewards working with gurus, but you better have a hot site that sells. Start with methods that cost less and allow your traffic to build. Check your status reports to learn more about your visitors and the keywords they used to find you. A good hosting provider will offer this with your hosting package.

A wise marketer once told me that it was best to get off the roller coaster and put my money into methods that build steady website traffic. As an owner of a website of blog, you learn how to update your own pages so you are not dependent on someone to update your website. The same goes for generating website traffic. When you take the time and invest in building traffic on a regular basis, then you will be free from the gurus and the search engines algorithms.

The simplest and time proven techniques that take very little time are your best answers. One method I know you have heard over and over is submitting articles. Let me give you the WHY submitting articles is important. When you are found in the search engines you are just another listing on all those pages. When submitting articles, I get a loyal audience that reads my articles each week. In fact, when they visit another website and see other articles I have written on other topics, it builds more credibility, rapport, link popularity and traffic.

Generating website traffic is using a combination of methods. Submitting to the search engines is still important, but it is only a part of your overall traffic building strategy. With most search engines it may take one to three months to see results.

Now here is the INSIDE INFORMATION most gurus won’t tell you. I am using a traffic generating system that is available to anyone. In fact it is simple. This system is instant and you will see an immediate increase in your traffic and it you can verify your results with your own status reports.


P.S. oh, by the way, I am going to be posting how YOU can get hundreds of dollars of advertising that converts free. Keep your eyes peeled Smile 




3 Steps to Find “Freebies” to Add to Your E-book

Offering an eBook as a gift is a great way to add value to your marketing.

But I always get asked “ How Do I Create An eBook? “ It is easier than you thought, really. Keep reading for some free resources.

Those of us who regularly shop online are comfortable with the collection of free gifts, free bonuses and just plain freebies that are offered to a visitor to a website to persuade them to buy. How can you collect, select and offer free gifts, which will be valued as much as the original merchandise that is being purchased, put these gifts together and include them to your E-book? There are just three steps to do that actual thing. They are:

1.    Identify your key words in each chapter of your E-book. Now, type those words into your preferred search engine. You are looking for free E-books on the same subject in more depth, by a greater expert than you are, or by someone who gives a new and fresh angle to the topic. Add a link to the free E-book in each chapter of your E-book.

2.    Research the Internet for related free gifts. Now you are looking for things that you could give as free gifts in your E-book that will make it more appealing and give it more pass-along appeal to your readers. For example: If you are selling gardening supplies, find a planting guide on the web that can be downloaded and include that as a gift in your E-book.

3.    Download the freebies. Visit the freebies pages on those web sites. Most sites have freebies and encourage you to distribute them.

Other key words I searched for are freebies, free E-books, and free reports and then gave the key word that I wanted the free stuff for. Like… “freebies for gardeners”.

Give your reader the best that you can offer. Give them your book, bonus reading material and free gifts to boot. Everybody loves a good deal!

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MLM Business Review

Mary Kay Reps Don’t Know Jack

In this Mary Kay Company Review, I outline some remarkable facts – including how Mary Kay Reps don’t know Jack ( as in Jack in the Box ) because they are a whole community of success driven women! (No offense meant Jack).

When you are looking for a direct sales opportunity, you have many companies to choose from.  There are several aspects that you want to look at within each company.  

Here are some of the key aspects of Mary Kay:

Product – Mary Kay carries a variety of cosmetics.  They have a skin care and makeup line.  They also carry both men’s and women’s fragrances.  The products get manufactured and packaged at Mary Kay’s own facilities in the U.S. and China.

Most people who have tried Mary Kay love the products!  Many of the products are sold separately or in bundles or kits as well for the convenience of the customers. Samples are available for customers to try to make sure they like the color, feel or smell of the product before they buy it.

Starter Kit – A start-up kit with Mary Kay is $100 plus tax and shipping and handling.  You receive everything you need to get off to a solid business start.  You will receive enough samples and products to share with 30 friends at parties when you start.  You will also receive brochures and catalogs as well as training and educational materials, including how-to guides.  You’ll be ready to get your business up and running in no time.

There are always added specials running such as the opportunity to earn free products, business cards and other business materials.  Make sure to ask your Mary Kay representative what the current specials are.

Methods of Marketing and Selling–

There are many ways that you can sell your Mary Kay products to your customers.
–    Online – You can sell directly to your customers online through a Mary Kay Personalized Website. This can also include Social Media marketing. See more about that HERE
–    On the Go – You can sell On the Go through the quarterly customer catalog The Look.  You can deliver it to your customers or have it mailed directly to them.  They can then call you with their order or place the order on your website.
–    One on One – You can deliver personalized one on one service to your customers through makeovers and skin care consultations.
–    Parties – You can sell to many at once through a home party.  Gather several friends together and bring the skin care aisle and makeup counter to their home!  It’s a great way for them to have some fun while learning new makeup techniques.

Leadership Opportunity – A great way to add to your compensation is to become a leader.  There are leadership opportunities within the Mary Kay organization.  Each step of the way your upline leader will help you set your goals for your next level of leadership, and help you meet those goals.  Remember, there is room for EVERYONE to become a leader in Mary Kay.  There are over 39,000 Sales Directors around the world and over 600 National Sales Directors.  You could be next.

Compensation – You can earn up to 50% commission on your sales! Mary Kay has one of the highest compensation rates in the industry. Do the math…and set your goals.

Charitable Causes – Mary Kay supports several charitable causes on an ongoing basis.  They include efforts to decrease domestic violence, Habitat for Humanity, efforts to encourage going green, efforts to fight cancer as well as donating to the relief efforts for natural disasters that have struck various parts of the world.

The Mary Kay Foundation – a legacy of love – is dedicated to ending women’s cancers and domestic abuse worldwide.

Years in Business – Mary Kay Ash started the company in 1963.

DSA Affiliation – Mary Kay is a member of the Direct Selling Association.  The DSA holds its members to a strict code of ethics within the direct selling community.

As you can see, Mary Kay is a viable business with an amazing and solid foundation. 

I’d highly recommend that you get involved if want to partner with a company that has a strong training in place and knows how to have fun doing what we enjoy.

If you are looking at any other company, make sure you do a review and compare the same factors with Mary Kay.  To join Mary Kay or to learn more about building a successful business, visit my website at <<your>> to get more tips and insight to building a successful business.

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