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Is Numis Network A Scam?

Like any other “young” network marketing company that is just starting to make a name in the industry, questions and concerns on its legitimacy and stability are likely to arise, namely is there evidence of a Numis Network scam. And Numis Network is no exception.

Founded in 2009, this MLM Company pioneered the sale of graded silver and gold numismatic coins through the industry of network marketing.

With its unique products, Numis provides a breath of fresh air from the common products other network marketing companies have to offer. But the pressing question is about the Numis Network Scam, or is there one?

Since it’s still relatively new to the market, the MLM Company is met with criticisms by some internet marketers who suggest that Numis Network has elements of scams and pyramid schemes.

If you’re a newbie and searching for the right network marketing company, you may have probably come across some of their reviews. One pressing issue being brought upon is the easiness and simplicity of the marketing plan. Numis states that network building within the company is as easy as sending people to the replicated site issued with a membership.

The catch: overwhelming competition. Since it’s relatively easy to gain prospective leads, more and more people are using the replicated site which ultimately renders to a lack of buyers. How are you going to stand out from the rest if the company is using the same capture online page for every member to use?

Now this is where personal branding comes in. Since the competition is really stiff and all the members are pretty much using the same business proposition, what you should do now is add a personal touch to it.

As a network marketer, you should educate yourself with the effective marketing techniques that can be used offline and online.

Numis Network Scam?In network marketing or any traditional business, it’s all about branding and the right marketing approach. And with a binary system and coded bonus combined into a unique comp plan, you will never be disappointed with Numis.

If you’ve been searching the web to confirm the issue, then you may see the raging reviews of experienced network marketers about the compensation plan of the company. Some of them suggest that Numis offers the best compensation plan they have ever met. Not only is the company promoting fast growth and sustainability, it also aims to help its members meet financial independence for the long-term.

Another question that adds up to the Numis Network Scam – Are the Numis Network graded silver and gold coins worth the money? The answer is yes!

Numis only offers the BEST and HIGHEST grade modern issue coins. You will enjoy total confidence in knowing that you’ve purchased a collectible coin graded MS70. You are guaranteed a valuable and authentic coin since it is certified by the largest and most trusted coin grading services: ANACS, NGC, and PCGS.

These graded silver and gold numismatic coins are certified and ultrasonically protected for long-term preservation, an edge they have over the non-graded coins. Not only are they graded by recognized experts, they are also valued as rare and collectible coins which makes them more valuable and desirable than any ordinary, ungraded bullion type coins.

So is Numis Network scam and a fly-by-night home-based business?

The simple answer to that question is NO, there is no Numis Network scam. The pioneering numismatic coin company is definitely not a scam or a pyramid scheme. It’s actually turning out to be a promising network marketing company with a solid foundation that is set to create a definite career path and a reliable source of wealth for the average network marketer.

So where did this Numis Network scam start? I don't know but it is a load of bull. See the video on this page and sign in the from below to stay connected.


Affiliate Internet Marketing Basics

Make Money As An Affiliate NOWAn easy and quick way to get a few dollars coming in is Affiliate Marketing. This post is primer for a newbie and I run through the pitfalls and perks you will encounter.

I know when I got started in online marketing, affiliate marketing was what I cut my teeth on and it has been a steady income stream since then.

Want to know my pick? Keep reading to find out

All of us would love to make a little more money. Sometimes just a little to supplement an income can be a huge help. Today it is easier that you think to get a little extra cash in your bank accounts. Most of us today have our own personal websites. We can get them for free and use them as a method to keep others informed of what we are doing. You can actually turn your website into a way of making some extra cash for you. By placing some ads on your site, you have the potential to earn some cash.

When people go onto your site, if they see an ad that is interesting and click it on you receive what is known as a referral payment. The more clicks the better. Gradually your earnings will increase as your website gets viewed.

You’re not likely going to get rich with just your own personal website. However, it is a way to get started. There may come a time when you create another site and you can start turning this into a money making venture as well. You could sign up for an affiliate program and make money through their ads. To do this well you need to think of an appropriate affiliate program that readers of your site would appreciate. For example, if you site is about pets, you may want to look for affiliates that work with pet supplies, pet food or veterinary services. You’ll want to have affiliates that will enhance your site. Having ads for rare books or sporting goods on a pet’s website isn’t going to attract too much attention.

Once you have a site up and running, you need to get a list of affiliate companies that will give you their advertising banners. There are loads of companies on the net that will help you. You can also get performance statistics on them as well. You will be able to track how much you will earn and how you will be paid. Once you get a few banners onto your site you’ll be able to check the progress for yourself.

Two companies that are incredibly popular are commission junction and link share. These will both help you find affiliates for your website. They have loads of good, accurate information available on what companies would be best and how well they perform.

Signing up for one of these affiliate programs is easy.

You will be asked for personal information so don’t be put off. This is necessary because they will be paying you commission money. You’ll be expected to give your social security number as well as take information. Once you sign up you will need to think about which programs to choose.

Commission junction has all of the information available on which companies pay which rates of commission. They also have information on how well and timely they make their payments. If a company is a shaky reputation, commission junction will know about it.

If you’re looking to make a little more money then it is easy.

Why not take the first step and turn you personal website into a way to make cash. Fill up those blank spaces with advertisements and let the money roll in. you can always expand and create different websites. They more ads you can get the better. Affiliate programs are great ways to help you earn money. You can start off small with your own site and then expand into other areas. Eventually, you could build your own affiliate business. Look into affiliate marketing. It could be quite lucrative.

>>Here is a powerhouse affiliate program a fresh newbie can do and ready right out of the box:

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Personal Development

Are you MENTALLY holding yourself back?

I know that you may be getting ready, as I am for the day we celebrate as Christ's birth if your faith allows you, but I wanted to share a piece of work that hits everybody that receives it.
My friend and business associate Ray Higdon, has started an incredible series on Vibrational Money Immersion.

Go to see his “trailer” here



It's about how you think about moneyMake time to watch the video and I guarantee you WILL NOT be the same afterward.
Don’t shortchange yourself by blowing it off as another launch looking to part you and your money, because it isn’t. It is free.
It’s more about how your inner dialog and conversation goes.
Hope this reached you at a time you are able to take action.
Leave a comment if it helped.

PS: putting together a mastermind of team members to game plan for next year, if you would like to be considered ask to be added to the insiders group.



Personal Development

Are you ready to be a millionaire?

What does it take, literally, to be a millionaire?

Do you know? Wishful thinking won’t cut it.

See this video from my mentor Brian Tracy and see how its done:


Learn how to be unmessable and conquer YOUR market HERE



Mike Dillard Live and Exposed…

I've been telling you all about
Mike Dillard and how he can
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Well Mike and the CEO of his company,
Robert Hirsch, will be hosting a live
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They'll take your questions, provide answers
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You can ask them about The Elevation Group,
their investing strategies or what's happening
with the global economy.

After you register for the event using the link
below, there is an option to enter your cell number
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I love that. I am always missing stuff like this.

Hurry up and reserve your sport.

Elevation Group Live!

I'm definitely going to be attending,
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Talk soon,


P.S. Don't miss out. Mike has never
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Elevation Group Live!