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What’s the secret for content?

Hey guys, just a quick video for you.

Since I was seeking something to post I thought I would give a pointer or two on “what to post” lol!

It’s not hard at all when you just factor in your life events day to day. Be Real.

FYI: this 1966 Mustang coupe is in the shop for renovation at post time, and will be for sale.

To Your Success and Prosperity!

Kimberly Flores

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How To Beat Stress

Today I had to disconnect and run outside my house. Why? Because I didn’t want to get arrested for computer abuse!

Lol! What I really didn’t want to do is start throwing things because I am SUPERWOMAN and a highly functioning Multi-Tasker when my computer decides it was time for a break and could not keep up with me!

Seriously, the reason I don’t stay all day on my computer is because I set up tasks and let it run while I go do what I do best, and that is evolving all the time.

Brian Tracy has a great course on Goals, in it he tells you to determine what it is that you do best and enjoy, then delegate the rest. “but it won’t get done” you say, if that is the case, then it wasn't that important to be done at all. Hire a teenager to do the menial stuff, or your own kid if you trust them enough. 

I have to confess, though, I am guilty of trying to DO IT ALL myself (keyword:trying), and by doing that I started getting so stressed out that I bit off the ear of anyone who would come within earshot when things did not go as I wanted.

See this video for a secret that I learned to combat my OWN Tendencies!

Thanks go to many but especially Jeffery Combs for bringing it to my attention.

Have you been there?

If this has been helpful, share it and let me know how you deal with stuff!

To your success!



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I just found “THE” ultimate tool!

Hello Guys!

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