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How To Qualify for a Car Program

Nothing says success like a styling NEW Luxury Car, say a BMW.

See My Pick at the end.

Everybody I know would want to be driving a new car, so I put together this article to summarize how YOU too can do that.As a network marketer, you should be aware that the more volume you produce the better your rewards. So I am going to assume you are one. If not, I can certainly help you discover your passion.

There are at least 3 MLM systems that I know personally that can give you the ability to score a nice ride just for doing your required business volume in  the course of a month or so.

They offer either BMW's or Mercedes Benz's

Lets look at them.

ViSalus Science's has the black BMW’s they award to distributors meeting this criteria :

• You must be an Active Distributor with ViSalus Sciences.
• You must have enrolled with ViSalus via the Executive Success System or upgraded to the
Executive Success System.
• You must achieve the rank of Regional Director or above.  This equates to Total Group Volume of $12,500.

You do this with 3 associate reps who have 3 who also have 3 customers each.

Once that is achieved:

• The car must be a BMW with a BLACK exterior. Metallic/Matte Black colors are acceptable.

• Any model BMW qualifies provided that the car is a year 2000 model year or later BMW.
• You have the option to either purchase or lease

How about Numis Network?

This program gives hard working Reps the opportunity to earn a 7 Series or 6 Series silver BMW. Our BMW Program is an incentive reward offered to distributors who achieve and maintain the position of 6 Star Representative or above.

The 6 Star Silver BMW program includes a one-time, $5,000 bonus for 6 Star Representatives who meet the program’s qualifications. This is 150,000 BV (volume) to reach this level. That seems steep to me, but they give you a $1500 payment for a 6 series.

And then there is MyVideoTalk

They offer a choice of BMW or Mercedes Benz, 5 years old or newer, black or white. There are two levels of qualification so you can get upgraded as you increase your volume

Level 1:

MVT will pay up to $600/month for your BMW or Mercedes

Executive Level with 100 points on one team and 50 points on the other (based off of monthly cycle of $44 plans and higher).

I looked and this is the easiest as far as I can tell. See this diagram

Level 2:

MVT will pay up to $1200/month for your BMW or Mercedes
Executive Level with 200pts on one team and 100 points on the other (based off of monthly cycle of $44 plans and higher)

In order to qualify for the MyTalkVideo Car Club Bonus Program, you must meet the following requirements:
• You must achieve the rank of Executive or above. This is having 2 who get 2 (with 2 customers each) with $44 autoship, or $2500 in volume monthly.
• You must achieve 150 active monthly product subscription points on your left/right team volumes  and is based on all product subscriptions at $44 monthly or higher to be eligible to receive a monthly car bonus of up to $600.

• You must achieve 300 active monthly product subscription points in your left/right team volumes and is based on all product subscriptions at $44 monthly or higher to be eligible to receive a monthly car bonus of up to $1200.

The requirement is each month to maintain.

The only other thing to do to qualify is host a meeting every month.  That sounds amazing.

So, my friends, it is not hard to get the car you always wanted.

Just get in there with apply some elbow grease. You deserve it!

This is my pick My Video Talk Bimmer Benz Club (BBC)

get yours


Want one? Come on over!


p.s. not hard to do, just chose a BMW or a Benz.

Attraction Marketing Law of Attraction Leads Generation

How To Generate Business Leads – Suggestions Which will Help you Create Quality Prospects For your Mlm Business

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Got Leads?

by Bessie Johns (Guest Blogger)

Which is a query that's frequently asked by numerous folks who are commencing out within their multi level marketing business. If which is the main question an aspiring network marketer needs to inquire then there is certainly a great opportunity for him to succeed within the business. Why? It really is just due to the fact he is aware that leads are regarded as since the blood or lifeline of any business and with out them, the business ceases.

Fundamentally, your niche will be the type of items you might be supplying inside your MLM business. So if excess weight loss is your niche then you definitely need to be someone that is a network marketer offering weight loss goods, programs, or companies within your business; that's fundamentally the organic flow of Network marketing businesses – to draw folks in to the business in order that achievable transactions will happen.

It really is time to go over the different ways on how to generate business leads successfully. Beneath are a few of these ways that you simply may possibly locate valuable particularly when you are nevertheless at the start stage of the multi stage marketing and advertising business.

*Social Networking Websites – nowadays, world wide web is becoming an essential device for some of the individuals who are functioning on-line. Time and distance gaps are bridged collectively by the world wide web; this means that when two nations having various time and so are separated by miles apart, everything comes within a genuine time transaction with the help from the internet. With this particular regard, social networking internet sites like Facebook or Twitter are successful spot to your ads and marketing and advertising possibilities. The transfer of information in these websites spreads like wildfire so you are assured that your single advertisement will multiply very quickly.

*The subsequent tip on how to generate business leads is to create effective articles which will get people to study them especially individuals individuals who are also thinking about the business you are providing. Just make sure that you are using useful info as well as the correct and correct key phrases so that you can capture the interest of individuals that are trying to find answers for their certain area of curiosity.

As we have previously mentioned, one of the most essential parts of the network marketing business would be to promote and market it. How will you do that? The very finest way is to join a proven lead generation program and stick to it action by action to acquire the achievement that you want. Begin today!

About the Author:

Affiliates traffic

The Commission Domination Bonus

by Raynold Oscar

The Bonus can make a considerable difference in increasing the amount of traffic, sales, and revenue that your website can earn. That is reason that all of the information that is accessible must be considered. It can be very unpleasant if you overlook something. If you want to increase return on investment (ROI), you should learn all about the type of selections that you have. The Commission Domination can help you to select the options that are best for you.

One of the biggest problems that any Internet marketer has is trying to increase the traffic to their websites. It takes even more work and is even more difficult to acquire targeted potential customers to their websites. There are many different ways to increase traffic to a website. One of those ways is to use social media websites to acquire the targeted potential customers that the website needs.

You can use traffic exchanges to get a significant amount of traffic to your website but you might not make any money from this traffic. This kind of traffic doesn't really care what you're marketing. Targeted potential customers are the people who visit your website because they are interested in the advice that you provide or what you are selling. For instance, if somebody reads a weight loss blog and they see an advertisement for your website that says something similar to Lose 30 pounds in 30 Days and then they click on that advertisement, these are targeted potential customers.

One of the Commission Domination Bonus' is the use of social media websites for increasing the traffic of potential customers. For instance, YouTube attracts millions of viewers to their website daily, and you can acquire some of that traffic for your website. Also, search engines are what for supplies over 50% of that traffic to YouTube. Consider for a moment that somebody goes to Google and does a search for how to build a better mousetrap. Then you see a YouTube video on the very first page when the results return, and you want to watch someone do it because it is much easier way to learn. Many people will simply click on that link since they would rather watch a video about it as opposed to reading instructions.

The use of social media websites to increase the traffic to your website is only one of the Commission Domination Bonus'. There are others. You will have to take stock of your own situation to determine which one is right for you. Sometimes the most inane clues can hold the key to great success. Ultimately, you are the only one who knows what that key is to your success.

Regardless of which Commission Domination Bonus that you choose, it will increase the traffic of potential customers. If you choose a video that show how to build a better mousetrap at the end of the video you will tell viewer how to use the link for complete instructions. Once they get to your website they find a guide that will show the viewer how to build a better mousetrap. As a result, you are advertising a product to them which is a targeted potential customer. The probability of the viewer purchasing the product is much better than the person who saw your website on a traffic exchange
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