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My Journey of 90 Days And You

Recently, I embarked on a Journey of 90 days. I took the ViSalus “Body by Vi 90 day Challenge” .

As of this writing I am 3 weeks into it and encourage you to join me in the Challenge.

A little background:

About Visalus Sciences*

The words Visalus originates from the Latin words “Vi” which means life, and “Salus” meaning health as well as wealth. Visalus Sciences provides a vision of assisting people today with a passion for health along with entrepreneurship.

B009This corporation is truly committed to making a change in the life, wealth and health to everybody they're able to reach, and they do this by empowering their customers as well as distributors to disperse their health innovations around the world.

Ryan Blair, the co-founder along with CEO of Visalus stands out as the image of the Visalus vision. He's got an individual perseverance which is to give back and the aspiration to show people the things that they can achieve with the Visalus mission.

The additional co-founders, Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen, represent the foundation of the Visalus Business Model, they supply the guidance and support that can help their reps realize their goals.

Visalus Sciences Review – The Products

One of the core products of Visalus is the Vi-pak. The product supplies people with the needed vitamins and minerals for our day to day activities. With anti-oxidants, anti-aging, as well as an Energy Complex formulation, these are definitely important supplies that our bodies demand.

Another wonderful product that Visalus does is the Visalus NEURO. Its formulation is made of healthy ingredients that are not damaging for the body system as opposed to the vast majority of energy drinks which contain plenty of sugar and caffeine.

Visalus Sciences Review – The Compensation Plan (Show Me the Money, and the BMW’s!)

Visalus has a wonderful unilevel comp plan. An individual has the potential to register as a basic distributor ($49), but you will be limited in the comp plan and would not enjoy all the compensation plan bonuses.


To receive the full benefits of the compensation plan, it is important to sign up for the Executive Success System ($499). There is also a choice of signing up with $999 and this will actually give you extra samples that you can give out to potential customers or prospects.

To remain active and get paid commissions, distributors need to maintain a regular monthly autoship of $125.

The compensation plan consists of upfront income from direct product sales, residual income, fast start bonuses and in addition they have a BMW incentive for top income producers.

B004Visalus Review – Can Someone Earn A Good Income?

Yes, you can make money and even develop a flourishing career with this company. Many men and women tend to be quite hesitant when it comes to network marketing companies like Visalus and believe you will end up losing plenty of cash. But, what they don't understand is that you can make a ton of money from Visalus Sciences if you've got the right MLM marketing strategy for your business.

Having a clear marketing strategy is crucial.

Lots of Visalus sales reps make the error of limiting themselves to only family and friends without acknowledging that you have a large potential of generating leads on-line. Internet Marketing is a specialty of mine Smile 

And that is exactly why 97% of network marketers fail: they don't understand how to generate leads beyond their warm market.

Lets connect and I can show you:

1. How to get Fit, lose Weight, and Feel great.

2. Make a serious in-come doing the above which you were “going” to do anyway but never got around to it, until now.

3. Get qualified leads that literally beg you to sign them up.

Get on board with me here:

So, I will be posting photos and videos, but you must be a member of my ViSalus website to see them for now. When I am at my goal, I will post them for all to see.


See the opportunity here


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home business

Success From Home

If you just look at any news article, magazine or newscast, what are they talking about most of the time?

RIGHT! The Economy, or Employment figures OR… how overweight we've become.

When talking about homebased businesses, what better way to either promote money, making money or…. Fitness and Weight control.

Take a look at what ViSalus Sciences have been able to accomplish in this video:


Success From Home Promo
Average people are doing this. So I put it on my recommended list.
I am doing the 90 Challenge and having a great time.
Attraction Marketing

why people buy fast, or don’t buy <--new vid

Wouldn't it be nice to f-i-n-a-l-l-y
figure out exactly why people (as in
massive amounts of people) either buy,
or don't buy your products?

Once you know the blueprint (not many
people know it btw), the science of
raking in constant ca$h-flow becomes
so easy.

Sounds too simplistic? It's not.

Hoverson's new video is a living “case
study” in showing you how the blueprint
actually works. (Warning: if you don't
implement this blueprint, people really
just don't buy). However, if you know
how to implement the blueprint, people
really do buy. It's that simple.

So, in a blazing fast 16-min video, you
are going to see a little trick Mark
uses over and over that causes the ca$h
register to go ching! ching! ching! constantly.

Here are a couple tips to keep in mind
while you go through this amazing video:

#1- When people buy something, they pay
with money. Duh.

#2- Thus, even though you've heard that
people buy stuff based on “emotion” or
whatever…at the end of the day, they
actually pay with money. (Just try going
to your bank and depositing other people's
emotions…it doesn't go over very well).

#3- Therefore, whatever you are selling,
you have to provide a compelling “over the top”
reason for them to part with their money
for your product.

What you are about to see is an example
of how Mark guides people through the
“value grid” so they go, “aha! of course
I'll pay for that…I'd be crazy not to.”

He uses his “Irresistible Info-Marketing
Blueprint” product as a sizzling demonstration
of how you can do this too.

So, watch Video 2 “Quantum Wealth” to see
this blueprint in pristine action. And then
you will know how to do it too. These are
the keys to unlocking ca$h-flow. Enjoy:

Watch “Quantum Wealth” now:

Let's rock,

Kimberly Flores

ps…actually “crunch” these numbers as you
watch the blueprint so you can see how you
can actually “triple your income”:


make money online Marketing

Do You WANT to Know What You’re Worth?? Well Do Ya?

Mark Hoverson has been an awesome and powerful teacher, trainer and coach to some of the leaders around today.

So with that said, I am offering for you a chance to see his latest rockstar making program.

But, just a question first:

Have you seen the new video for Magnetic Sponsoring's new launch? It's sweetness.

Assuming you have seen it, did you see where you could actually download the Action Guide and MAKE YOU OWN PRODUCT ???


It’s called “CAFFIENE CASH” because it gives you a jolt of cash! Simple and easy.

That site that you want to check out is here:

I will keep you posted.

Watch for an email from me on Friday for the next video.


Upward and Onward!

Kimberly Flores

PS…if you listen carefully video, you will maybe be struck with a no-brainer, but rarely taught, piece of marketing gold. Listen carefully:

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