Know What You Want To be aware of WordPress hosting

by Allie Casseus (Guest Author)
Any web business owner who is on the search for a compatible web hosting option may have his mind open because there is a world of options out there. However, people wish to know more about a few options namely WordPress hosting, what its advantages are and what sort of disadvantages make it a secondary prospect etc. So, lets learn more about these areas in this article. The demerits listed below must be considered ahead of time, prior to you getting started on your business. The points under discussion may or may not have reference to other options of web hosting, so you need not get confused reading this.

The contract you hold doesn't allow you to go after issues, if any, related to website going down. Advisably, anyone needs to do the best to protect such crucial data that is stored in the WordPress portal failing which the data cannot be regained as easily as one thinks he would.

MistakeAs it is, free hosting is not at all a safe option to pursue when it is contrasted with paid hosting. Even in the case of a WordPress host, scammers play a role of threat because of which you never know what happens next since there is a possibility for the website to be hosted by a server that is clearly hacked.

WordPress hosts are being offered by companies which set their own set of limitations on businesses like yours so, you need to know what are their stipulations before you place your content, as you have the threat of finding your content not yours sometime later. For this to happen effectively, you're advised to go through their terms and conditions. Usually, companies that operate this way place a lot of restrictions that could hold you back from placing ads, generating money making schemes etc.

These are some disadvantages, which you may not know. But these are not the only points that you must consider before you make a choice. Therefore, let's have a look at a few of those positive points.

This has everything to be a support for your very first hosted website. This may even be the start you need to get your business going as it has a lot of features that would let you work without pressure. A lot of people already acknowledged this and they keep advising others to do the same since they may benefit as well. In addition, another feature that is on top in this case is its back linking feature which may help a website gain better position in SERP.

You would be able to make the most of its e-mail opt in feature as well, with which you can trace a lot of subscribers who can turn into customers in due course. As you know, this doesn't require you to invest in this variety-full option that works fine for those who know what they can do with this one in the back.

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5 Proven Steps To A Branded Business In Just 7 Days: My Birthday Giveaway to YOU

Since the title caught your attention I am going to assume you are seeking some input into getting your Business Brand recognized by your intended customer or client.

Read closely for my giveaway.

As you may or may not know, is that BILLION DOLLAR corporations have secretly been using this brand tactic on you.

What brand tactic, Kim?

Well, lets see:

1. Brand awareness.

That means that when some one says I want a SOFT DRINK, they think : COKE. or FAST FOOD, they think McDonald's. You get the picture?

Ok, time for YOU to turn that Brand Recognition on the world for YOUR business, but HOW?

2. Become an Expert in your field you want to brand yourself in. If you are asking “how?” then search yourself to discover what you are most passionate about. Golf? Softball? Knitting? Gardening, etc..

Once you have determined that, it is time to fly.


3. Take your passion and put it on VIDEO. Yes, Video. More and more people are seeing that READING TEXT is not as informative as watching a video. Think about it, watching your favorite show on TV do you stay focused on the characters (Brand) or the channel listings? YouTube has grown to stardom from this one element. When someone wants to know how to do something or find something, often a search will turn up a YT video.

4. Send out your branded videos to your target audience. If you have made some videos in your chosen subject or brand, broadcast them to your audience and in their minds, you BECOME THE EXPERT on that brand.  Why? because you are telling and teaching, and they are the student: watching and learning.

This puts you on the top of their mind when your subject comes about. Can see where I am going?

Ok, this is great but how and where do I do this?

5. Enter My Video Talk.

Leading the world in innovation, with My Video Talk you can single-handedly  show your passion with FIRE> your chosen colors, logos, and graphics. Choose to charge $ when someone views you content or merely offer a free service. It still will portray you as an expert to remember. Have your own TV show, training conference, video channel (similar but NOT like YouTube) and more.

There are other formats out there, but believe me, they cannot compare in selection, price or leadership.

You can earn a residual income as well, boosting your business in even more profits!

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Numis Network Announces Buy Back Your Autoship at 100% After 5 Years (Assuming You Want To)

Numis Network has done the un-thinkable.

Numis Network , a gold and silver mlm based out of Tampa, Florida, has gone mad.
They have made a bold statement recently at Bally's in Las Vegas Nevada. declaring boldly they will buy-back any coin for a period of 5 years! 5 Year Buy-Back from Numis Network
That should convince you to really consider this as a home business.
A common objection Numis Network reps face is that some prefer to buy bullion as an investment.
These are common questions that Numis Network reps no longer face

(and the new answer):

  • Q. How can I sell the coins?
    A: You can always get 100% of your money back after 5 years by selling back to the company
  • Q: How much will these coins be worth in 5 years?
    A: You can always get 100% of your money back after 5 years by selling back to the company
  • Q: What if gold and silver decrease in value?
    A: You can always get 100% of your money back after 5 years by selling to the company
  • Ok, that should settle in you mind that they are very trust-worthy and reliable!

What about “Bullion”?

Numis Network vs Bullion

If you have been looking at investing in gold and silver, you no doubt have seen a very prominent individual from touting that BULLION IS KING.  If you do some background work you find he marks his product up higher and his buy back is lacking.

In a great post from my friend and mentor, Ray Higdon:

” That explains why his prices on gold and silver bullion are about the highest in the industry but he has done a great job of promoting and marketing and so a lot of people do make purchases with him. Yesterday his price on silver eagle bullion coins was over $38 (my three sources were $36) and his buyback guarantee was $33. That $5 spread is the largest spread in bullion I have ever seen with any company as most are $1-$2 but it makes sense as he is a reseller and has to have that type of spread. Numis Network is offering a buyback of 100% after 5 years versus make $5 out of of a $38 purchase the same day.”

Numis Network also has bullion coins!Bulllion Certified Coins

Not only that, consider this: With the money successful reps are making, they in turn buy bulk bullion.

My recommendation: Build Numis Network and then use some of your commissions to buy bullion

So, the bullion issue has been laid to rest.

So, what if you are considering another TYPE of mlm for your home business?
Take this in mind: Unless you are actually consuming the product, will that company offer to buy-back all your left-over stock should you choose to leave?


Numis Network makes entirely TOO MUCH SENSE NOT to have as a home based business.

Whether you like numismatic coins or not, isn’t it  amazing to have this sort of guarantee in place where the owners put their money where their mouth is? Now, some of you might think, “well Kim, with gold and silver doing what it is doing, that is a pretty low risk for the company…well, doesn’t that mean it is always a very low risk for anyone that joins Numis Network? “ Yeah, Buddy!

Take a good hard look at the short video presented here and let me know which way you want to go:

If You Are New to MLM

If You Are a Seasoned Networker

Looking for a Numis Network  mentor? CLICK HERE

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How To Avoid Working 24 Hours a Day At Your Home Business

Copyright © Kimberly Flores, Rich Mom

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Home Business

We all know how important it is to work hard to get your home business up and running and off the ground. We also know that when your home business is located right in your home, it is all too easy to get a few extra hours of work in after you eat dinner, or to get up early to work a little bit more in the morning. However, the fact remains that most of the people who are working at home businesses have decided to do this so that they can control what hours they work, and so that they can have more time to themselves to do the things that they have always wanted to do.

If you find yourself working too much, and you know that you are in danger of working longer hours than you did at your old job, here are some ways to avoid becoming a 24 hour a day worker again.


First and foremost, no matter what your business is, you need to have working hours.

This is for your benefit. If you have an online site or an online store, you are going to be open 24 hours a day, but this doesn’t mean that you have to be at your computer for the entire day. You need to set hours for yourself, and these hours will have to include time to process whatever has come in while you aren’t working.

There is a danger in sitting at your computer all day to take orders in the hopes of keeping up with them, because you will find that you never leave.

If you find that you have too much work, and not enough time, this means that you are taking on too much. You have to be sure that you are only working as much as you can handle to work, or that you are delegating tasks to make sure you aren’t having to work all day and all night. This is something that a lot of people fail to do, and it can be something that is very dangerous, because giving out tasks is the best way to make sure all of your work gets done.

If you find yourself with too much, you’ll end up working more than you want to be working, so be sure to find help, or hire some if you need it. Something else that you can be sure to do is to give yourself a break now and then. Remember that you don’t have to take every project that comes your way, and remember that you can be allowed a sick day when you are sick. These things are important, and are also vital to keeping your sanity as well as your business.

Kimberly Flores, the Rich Mom wants to help you get your very own profit pulling home business now!

It’s a snap and guaranteed!

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Tips for Setting Short Term Home Business Goals

by Joe Maldonado (guest author)
elevation-logo1Times have changed since the pen and paper days and not every home business goal will be one that you can measure in black and white. For instances a good home business goal for some it is to attain a higher level of spirituality. How do you put a time limit and measurement on paper for that? This is what can be referred to as a subjective home business goal.

Let's explore not making home business goals the objective but ways to make effective short-term home business goal plans.

A good home business goal plan is one that has a reasonable chance at being successful. These can be short or long term home business goals but the effect is the same.

There is a new school of thought that frowns upon writing out your home business goals. The object of writing out you home business goals is two fold. One you can go back to it to log your progress and two you can amend and adapt them at any given time. With the computer it is even easier to do. Developing your short-term home business goals within the computer program gives you the ability to add and delete information quickly and easily.

Always give each home business goal a “due date”

Breaking a long-term home business goal down into doable small incremental steps will keep you from becoming discouraged. Plan a reward for each step you accomplish. This will make reaching these smaller plateaus more fun and exciting. Dangling the “CARROT' of future reward in front of your face will spur you on to complete that particular phase of the project.

Another aspect of home business goal setting is that you have to prioritize your home business goals. You can do this by simply putting the most important thing first and so on. You must also be flexible where these home business goals are concerned. Do not be afraid to scrap a home business goal or add new ones. Keep the dates as spread out as possible. If you have eight deadlines looming on the horizon you are sure to get frustrated and maybe just not accomplish anything.

home business GoalsYou should try for balance in all things. Set home business goals for all areas of your life including having fun. Some people get so wrapped up in financial and career home business goals that they leave off the social aspect of their lives. Family and friends have to be as important a home business goal as the rest of the ones you are setting.

Plan on achieving home business goals on a daily basis for at least 3 months. here are a few practical tips on how to begin creating these home business goals.

Home business goal setting starts with questions. For example: Did I meet the expectations I had previously outlined for myself?; What could I do better to make certain that I improve this quarter?; What was my time to income ratio? Once you have honestly answered these question's you are ready to start brain storming. This is a process that is used to come up with ideas on how to increase productivity or reach a wider audience. Freethinking will give you a platform from which to formulate a realistic set of home business home business goals.

Finally in order to achieve a home business goal you have give it limits. Always give each home business goal a “due date”. If you wanted to place three banner ads a week give yourself a date and time to have this accomplished each week. Making yourself accountable to a time frame is the only way you will remain motivated.

Since you are now self employed by your own home business, it is up to you to light your own fire.

See how important setting home business goals are?