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I just read a very interesting and informative article about the words we use. From my friend Steve. Find it here:

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How Big Is Your Why??

So, why are you really doing this business, I mean really?? Is it to buy a new house?? Buy a new car?? Pay for your kids college education?? Truly, what is it?? You see, if your why isn’t truly defined and etched in stone, YOU WILL QUIT!! If your why isn’t big enough to make you cry, YOU WILL QUIT?? If you don’t have a true why, you will find everything possible wrong with your business and or company and, you guessed it, YOU WILL QUIT!! So, to avoid the agony of quitting, define your why RIGHT NOW. You don’t have time to be working a business without a true purpose. Your why will be your driving factor to allow you to overcome the hurdles that YOU WILL come across in this industry called Network Marketing and Internet Marketing. Here’s a quick video I did a while ago taking about my why and why I truly love this industry so, so much. Happy Watching;)


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Purchasing Real Estate Owned Properties

Acquiring REO homes are generally an outstanding and very rewarding “way in” to real estate, in particular for the novice.

REO or real estate owned properties are properties that the lenders have taken back into possession after they failed to sell at foreclosure auction. The lenders, usually banks, will then endeavor to sell the properties as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in the thought of acquiring REO homes, don't let the thought that they are foreclosed assets put you off. It doesn't certainly signify that there is anything improper with them – they can go from poor to perfect form. It just signifies that the owners couldn't manage to pay for the repayments for all types of reasons.

There are a number of advantages in purchasing REO homes, especially for the first-time buyer.

Obtaining REO homes is often seen as an exceedingly secure approach to buy or invest in property, especially for the novice. There isn't a risk to the purchaser and you can be sure of the ownership, that the bank gives a good clear title. The bank usually desires to get rid of the home as quickly as possible, as it is viewed being a liability. Therefore, it truly is in their benefit to opt for a quick sale. They do not without doubt wish to plug it cheap, as they will need to decrease their losses, but in the current buyers ‘market REO, homes in lots of areas are going for approximately 20 percent under market value. The bank will frequently have covered all of the taxes and liens, even though banks do vary in their rules. If you are buying a home in the same old way, you and your appraiser typically ought to think about the seller's convenience for entering the property for inspection. When the property is being marketed by the bank, you can have direct access at your own convenience. This creates the entire purchase process much faster. Since the banks would like a quick sale, they will usually be open to negotiation over rehab costs, closing points, liens etc. They may as well accept a lower down payment. You stand a better probability of being able to negotiate if the house has been on the market for 30 days or more. On the other hand, you have to remember that there are also some drawbacks to purchasing REO homes.

While one can find no difficulties about being capable of inspect the property, the bank will, as a rule , not conform to carry out any repairs and the property is marketed “as is”. The bank will mostly want additional paperwork. You cannot attain disclosures as to the history or condition of the property. Many people are apprehensive on the subject of buying REO homes because of a fear that the previous owners may arrive and bring about troubles. This in fact very rarely transpires and if it does, they have no legal rights and you can call up the police. It is just the possibility that will cause an anxiety for a few clients. Basically, the advantages of buying REO homes outweigh the disadvantages, particularly for the first-time buyer, or the investor for whom time is of the essence. Presented you are aware of the potential downfalls and have a strategy for managing them, it can be a very good proposition.

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Market America Reviews: This Is Going To Give You The 100% Truth

Surely if you're reading this, you're doing research for good Market America reviews. Most likely that's because you're looking for a way to make more money, or someone has approached you with the opportunity and are asking you to consider partnering with them.

Before we delve in, I want to say good for you! While some people would be closed minded, you are doing your research and honestly looking for information to educate yourself. You are probably wondering what the company is all about, and whether it's a legitimate opportunity. I can definitely answer those questions for you.

In 1992, JR Ridinger founded Market America because he was getting sick of traditional multi-level marketing companies. Ever since then, the corporate team has stayed the same, and they all have the same vision for the company: to bring Market America into every home in every country across the globe. They are on their way to doing it, too.

Since the company's inception, it has seen only consistent, double digit growth – not even one down quarter. Not many companies can say that!

If you're still wondering if the company is legitimate, you can check out their rating on the Better Business Bureau. Market America has an A+ rating with the BBB. They have 3 million customers and 180,000 distributors (they are not one and the same), and 600 employees in 6 countries. There's no way this company could not be legit.

Many people will try to tell you that Market America is a pyramid scheme, or a scam, or a multi-level marketing company. None of these are correct. First of all, pyramid schemes are completely illegal, so there's no way that Market America could operate so publicly if that were the case.

Because of this, it can't be a scam. Most people who will try to tell you this business is a scam are either close-minded and ignorant of the industry (and threatened by something that threatens their lifestyle), or they failed at building their own business and are blaming the company for their own failure.

Now, if you like multi-level marketing (MLM), I can say that Market America does employ networking as a way to expand. But it is not MLM. The compensation plan is very unique, and does not resemble anything close to an MLM plan. For example, in a traditional MLM, distributors are taught to “build wide” – in other words, horizontally. No one on the horizontal levels are connected to each other – they compete against each other. Not only that, but the distributor has to teach and train them all individually because they have no incentive to help each other.

With Market America's compensation plan, you're taught to place new business partners vertically, all connected to each other, in two teams. All the people in each of those two teams are connected to each other financially, and therefore there is inherent teamwork, not competition.

The unique compensation plan, combined with the immense range of products and services (over 2,500 MA brands and 6 million partner stores), a free preferred customer cash back program, and a cutting edge training system all make Market America not only legit, but truly a hidden gem. But it's important to realize that your success in the business rests not only on your work ethic and will to succeed, but also with the coaching and mentoring you'll get from your team. Partnering with the right team is essential!

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