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Add FIRE to your Social Media efforts

I had to share this with you all…

Nancy Marmolejo is a very energetic teacher that I admire as a go getter.

Her latest video shown here details some thing she calls “Curiosity Trek”.

Check it out!

Also drop by and get a wiff of her Viva Visibility Blog. All kinds of nuggets there for adding punch to your Social presence.

Tell her Kimberly sent you!

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What Sheer Determination Can Achieve

I was extremely enlightened and humiliated at the same time when I viewed this video of the love of a Father for a Son.

I implore you to take a look at see for yourself.

My spirit will always remember the Hoyts.

As written by Twitter Prodigy, the following is what prompted this  post:

This is by far one of the most powerful examples of the power of the human will as well as one of the most inspirational stories I have ever seen. Whenever I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed I refer to the giant examples of Dick and Rick Hoyt. It’s such a motivation to see their desire to achieve success in all areas of life.

The biggest lesson for me in this is: “I CAN”

I can be a better person.
I can be a better father.
I can be a better husband.
I can be …

Please enjoy. I’d love your comments. What were the powerful lessons for you?

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3 Steps to Find “Freebies” to Add to Your E-book

Those of us who regularly shop online are comfortable with the array of free gifts, free bonuses and just plain freebies that are offered to a visitor to a website to encourage them to buy. How could you collect, select and offer free gifts, which will be valued as much as the original merchandise that is being purchased, put these gifts all together and include them to your E-book? There are just three steps to do that actual thing. They are:

  1. Pinpoint your key words in each chapter of your E-book. Now, type those words into your preferred search engine. You are looking for free E-books on the same subject in more depth, by a greater expert than you are, or by someone who gives a new and fresh angle to the topic. Add a link to the free E-book in each chapter of your E-book.
  2. Study the Internet for correlated free gifts. Now you are looking for things that you could give as free gifts in your E-book that will make it more appealing and give it more pass-along appeal to your readers. For example: If you are selling gardening supplies, find a planting guide on the web that can be downloaded and include that as a gift in your E-book.
  3. Download the freebies. Visit the freebies pages on those web sites. Most sites have freebies and encourage you to distribute them.

Additional key words I searched for are freebies, free E-books, and free reports and then gave the key word that I sought the free stuff for. Like… “freebies for gardeners”.

Give your reader the best that you can offer. Give them your book, bonus reading material and free gifts to boot. Everybody loves a bargain!


Houston Museum of Natural Science Went Viral

Viral Marketing

The Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) was one chosen to showcase the world-famous Exhibition for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. HMNS quickly realized that while the exhibit was expected to generate a great deal of interest, it didn’t have a lot of appeal for their core audience.  The success of the exhibition, therefore, would rest in how it was marketed.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science quickly called in Spur Digital to help reach the targeted demographic audience and generate interest in the Exhibit. HMNS was, also, hoping to acquire new patrons and members to further their future revenue.

Spur digital worked with HMNS to identify the target market for the campaign and developed an integrated  online media plan to reach those audiences. The campaign featured an online contest that was marketed through targeted online media outlets together with relevant Web sites, Search Engines and third party E-mail lists. Viral marketing was an important element of the campaign, so Spur developed an novel strategy to get people to refer their friends.

Spur identified the target audience as males 18 to 34 years old who were fans of action and fantasy films, everyday video game players and movie renters, tech-savvy who commonly didn’t hang out at museums. Based on this information, Spur chose search engine advertisements that would accompany specific search words, dedicated e-mail advertisements, sponsored e-mail advertisements, banner ads on web sites targeted toward the  audience, and e-mails to the HMNS list.

Did it work?  You bet!

The outcome were excellent. The effect of the viral marketing effort was astounding – over 23% of registrants came originated from the Tell-A-Friend feature. The direct marketing efforts yielded extraordinary results as well. In total, the 12 week, locally-targeted online campaign yielded more than 2 million targeted impressions, 40,000 unique visits, almost 12,000 and 6,000 invitations sent by friends at a (CPA) cost per action of less than $3.00. These contributed to the record attendance of almost 100,000 over 3 months.

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How To Grow to be A Super Affiliate In Niche Markets

Over the past years, web hosting has grown bigger than it used to be. With more companies getting into this business and finding the many benefits it can give them, the demand for web hosting has never been higher. These seem to be the trend of today.

38 million people have put up their very first websites online this year 2009 alone. It is estimated that by 2010, the internet sales industry will top the dollar bank. And to think the majority of those sites will be offering different affiliate programs for people to choose and participate into.

This simply means one thing. It is easier now to find the right web host for your application. The possibility of quality web hosting companies separating themselves from the rest of the industry is anticipated. If this is done, the unprofessional and incompetent ones will suffer.

Support will be the number one consideration for people when choosing a web host. It will be clear that traditional advertising will grow to be less and less effective. Most people would rather opt for the web host based on things that they see and hear.

This is a great opportunity for web hosting affiliates and resellers alike. There would hundreds of web hosting and programs to choose from that the complexity in finding the right one for them is not a problem anymore.

How does one grow to be a successful affiliate in the niche markets using web hosting?

If you think about it, everyone who needs a website needs a web hosting company to host it for them. As of now, there is really no leading hosting industry so most people choose hosts based from recommendations. Usually, they get it from the ones that have already availed of a web hosting services.

With the many hosts offering affiliate programs, there is the tendency to find the one which you think will work best for you. Think of the product you will be promoting. Pattern them to the site and see if they are catering to the same things as you are.

When you have been with one host for quite some time and seems not to be making much despite all your effort, leave that one and look for another. There is no use in trying to stick to one when you would be before off in an alternative one. Things will simply have to get better from there because you already have been in worst situations.

Try this out: If you are quite happy and satisfied with your web host, try to see if they are offering an affiliate program you can participate on. Instead of you paying them, why not make it the other way around; them paying you! The process can be as easy as putting a small “powered by” or “hosted by” link at the bottom of your page and you are already in an affiliate business.

Why choose paying for your for your web hosting when you do not have to? Try to get paid by letting people know you like your web host.

Always take into account that when choosing a web host, choose the one that is recognized for its fantastic customer support. There are also lots of hosting affiliate programs. Residual affiliate program is also being hosted. This is the program wherein you get paid a percentage every month for a client that you refer. This can allow you to have a constant source of revenue. With perseverance, you can even be quite victorious in this field.

There are a lot of niche markets out there just waiting for the right affiliate to penetrate to them and make that dollars dream come true. Knowing which one to get into is being confident enough of your intentions and the good results you will be getting.

Web hosting is just one affiliate market you could try out and create some good and continuous income. Just remember that to be successful on your enterprise also means that time, effort and persistence is needed.

Nobody has invented the “perfect” affiliate market so far. But some people do understand how to make it big in this kind of market. It is just knowing your kind of market and making the earnings there.