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FHA Lender Training comes to Las Vegas, NV. There is still time to register for this training opportunity. RSVP today to reserve your seat:

August 4-6, 2009 – Las Vegas, NV. FHA Lender Training. FHA trainers will be conducting a 3-day class where you can learn about FHA processing, documentation requirements, FHA underwriting, mortgage calculations, underwriter responsibilities, automated underwriting (AUS), highlights of underwriting the FHA appraisal & more. This training is highly beneficial for Underwriters, Loan Officers & Processors. A Certificate of Completion will be issued to attendees who attended ALL 3 days of the training. Registration required, no fee. More information at:


[Federal Register: July 28, 2009 (Volume 74, Number 143)][Notices][Page 37238-37240][Docket No. FR-5305-N-01] RIN 2502-AZ00]


TITLE: Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008: Pilot Program for Automated Process for Borrowers Without Sufficient Credit History; Solicitation of Comments on Program Design

AGENCY: Office of the Assistant Secretary for Housing–Federal Housing Commissioner, HUD.

ACTION: Notice.

DATES: Comment Due Date: September 28, 2009.

SUMMARY: The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 requires that HUD carry out a pilot program to establish, and make available to mortgagees, an automated process for providing alternative credit rating information, which might include rent, utilities, and insurance payment histories, etc., for mortgagors and prospective mortgagors who have insufficient credit histories for determining their credit worthiness. With this notice, HUD commences the process for development of the mandated pilot program and solicits public comment and suggestions for a practicable design of the pilot program that is consistent with statutory goals, program requirements, and fair lending standards, and includes comment on how the pilot program might align with existing Federal Housing Administration policy regarding nontraditional credit verification…

To read this notice in its entirety, please visit:


HUD-FHA has more new career opportunities for qualified individuals.  Recently posted online are the positions of:

Office Assistant, Job Announcement Number: HQ-271768-DEU, DUTY LOCATION: Washington DC

Management Analyst, Job Announcement Number: DS-271776-DEU-FD, DUTY LOCATION: Atlanta, GA

The HUD-FHA Job Vacancy Announcements are posted at Please visit that website to view the announcements, additional information and to search for additional new HUD job listings as they are posted.  HUD-FHA also has job opportunities in other locations around the nation.  Please bookmark and revisit frequently to see the new jobs as they appear online. Application forms can be found at:


FHA Training around the Nation:

August 5, 2009 – Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) Webinar. This Webinar explains how to obtain the “present value of the energy saved”; calculating the increased dollar amounts allowed for energy efficient packages, & how to underwrite an EEM. This training course provides realtors, home counselors, & lenders with added value for their services in a highly competitive market. Registrants will receive an e-mail confirmation prior to the webinar with a web link, a toll-free dial-in number, & instructions for participating in the training. Registrants must have Internet access. Registration Required. More info at:

August 10–13, 2009 – Sacramento, CA. Pre-Purchase I: Fundamentals of Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Counseling & Predatory Lending. Presented By National Council of La Raza & the National Consumer Law Center. Registration required, fee. For more info:

August 17-21, 2009 – Chicago, IL. NeighborWorks® Training Institute. Attendees will benefit from a wide range of homeownership courses for community & housing professionals. Scholarships available for HUD approved housing counseling agencies. Registration required. More info at:

August 19-20, 2009 – Oklahoma City, OK. National Servicing Center Early Delinquency Servicing Activities and HUD's Loss Mitigation Program. This training is for HUD-approved mortgagees, HUD-approved Housing Counselors, & Nonprofit Housing Counselors. Registration required, no fee. For more info:

September 2, 2009 – Colorado Springs, CO. “A Day with FHA”. This FREE course consists of an informational overview on what's new with FHA-insured mortgages & selling HUD homes. Additionally, it includes HUD's Basic RESPA the new HUD-1 & GFE & our Fraud class. Course provides continuing education credits for licensed Colorado Real Estate agents & Appraisers. Registration Required. For more info:

September 10, 2009 – Greeley, CO. “A Day with FHA”. This FREE course consists of an informational overview on what's new with FHA-insured mortgages & selling HUD homes. Additionally, it includes HUD's Basic RESPA the new HUD-1 & GFE & our Fraud class. Course provides continuing education credits for licensed Colorado Real Estate agents & Appraisers. Registration Required. For more info:

September 15-17, 2009 – Sea-Tac, WA. FHA Lender Training. Learn about FHA processing, documentation requirements, FHA underwriting, mortgage calculations, underwriter responsibilities, automated underwriting, FHA appraisal & more. Recommended for Underwriters, Processors & Loan Officers. Earn 8 hrs WA CEU & originators can earn 24 hrs of CEU from ID. Sponsored by HUD & WMLA. Registration required, Fee. For more info:

November 18-20, 2009 – San Diego, CA. National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association Annual Meeting & Expo. Lenders, brokers & housing counselors welcome. Registration required, fee. For more info:

National Council of La Raza presents on-line webinar training for housing counselors. Visit their website for a schedule of upcoming courses. For more info:

Foreclosure Prevention Workshops for Consumers. Looking for foreclosure prevention advice? Attend a workshop for homeowners sponsored by a community-based organization in your area. Visit the calendar on FreddieMac's website. For more info:

The Illinois Mortgage Bankers Association (IMBA) conducts frequent training workshops for mortgage professionals on FHA subjects. Visit their website for a calendar of upcoming training opportunities. Fee. For more info:

NeighborWorks® Training Institute conducts frequent training workshops around the nation for non-profit housing professionals. Scholarships are available on a limited basis for qualified non-profit agencies. For more info:

The Basic Training Course for Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) counselors is now available on-line. For more info:

HUD has Webcasts that provide training for housing industry partners. A Webcast is a video you can watch right from your computer screen. HUD offers live Webcasts & an archive of previously aired training sessions & programs. For more info:

The Illinois Association of Mortgage Professionals has frequent training courses for mortgage industry professionals. Visit their website for more information. Fee. For more info:


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It’s OK to Run a Company Without an MBA

It’s OK to Run a Company Without an MBA

Posted by Janine Popick

I’ve met many women who are truly amazing leaders. I’ve followed many women who are top-notch and have amazing degrees. One of my best friends has a Masters degree in HR, and two others have their PhDs; one in metallurgical sciences and one in statistics. They are truly brilliant women.

Me? No way. In high school I held down 3 jobs, 2 lifeguard gigs in the summer, and I worked as a restaurant prep person all year. In college, I was a Resident Assistant, worked at Public Safety, and at the local tavern slogging drinks. I was the person who was sick of school the day it was over. I started my first “real” job the Monday after I graduated while the other kids were getting ready to backpack through Europe.

I have been labeled as what some might call a “scrapper.” We fight fiercely to get the job done, whatever it takes. I tend to gravitate towards the types of people who don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and diving in. That’s how I’ve learned: on-the-job training. Even though I’ve hired MBAs at VerticalResponse, I’m very clear with them that they too have to roll up their sleeves and get scrappy.

Is there anything wrong with women who go to get their MBAs? No way. In fact the business schools are crying for us. From a recent poll, only 30 percent of the MBA students in the US were made up of women. Not only that, but we’re doing it later in life, around the age of 29, right when we’re in the middle of climbing some corporate ladder and are thinking about a family. No wonder there’s such a low percentage.

Doors can open wide for these women, and depending on the school, we can literally fly past other qualified candidates because of the sorority we were in. Maybe the name of your alma mater gets a foot in a VC’s door – but the viability of the business is what makes it successful.

So what are some additional reasons you may want an MBA? You might work in a large company that is very structured and the only way to get ahead is have a degree. And with so many more men than women getting their degrees, it’s no wonder we also have more male than female executives.

All legitimate. But there’s also nothing wrong with women who didn’t go to business school. Perhaps we couldn’t afford it, didn’t have the time, or wanted real-world experience as soon as we could get it.

Maybe I’m not as professionally-trained as I would be if I did further my education, and it may have taken me a bit longer to think about how decisions I make impact the bottom line, but I do think as a business owner, you have to be comfortable surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you. And learning from those people is even smarter. Now that’s the sign of true intelligence!

Will I ever be a Rhodes Scholar? No way. Will I get into a big time business school? I doubt it. For me, life is too short for two more years of school. I’d rather dive in and learn. This scrapper has her sleeves rolled up.


Successful vs. Unsuccessful

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What's in it for me?'”

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