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Imagine if you’d taken better care…

Of yourself!

What would you do if you didn't feel pooped all the time?
Get out the bike? Hike in the mountains?

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Your Health

What would you LOOK like?
Ask the face in the mirror.
Maybe this can help:
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Your Health

From the high standards set for research and development to state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the Artistry brand is an industry leader. All Artistry products are dermatologically and allergy tested.

Your Health

Law of Attraction


“I am a great believer in luck, and

I find that the harder I work,

the more I have of it.”

— Thomas Jefferson,

3rd President of the United States of America


That Figures

I don't suffer from insanity, insomnia or coffee addiction. I enjoy every last minute of it.


10 Profitable Reasons To Add A Discussion

Today's feature article is:

10 Profitable Reasons To Add A Discussion
Board Or Chat Room To Your Web Site

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1. You'll be able to communicate with your visitors.
They'll begin to trust you and get to know you on a
more personal level. People will purchase products
quicker from somebody they already know and trust.

2. People will revisit your web site to participate on
your discussion board or chat room. They will meet
other people with similar interests and your web site
will become a hang out were they can chat.

3. You can learn important information about your
visitors by reading the conversations they have. They
may chat about your web site or products. With this
information you could learn to market your products
more effectively.

4. You could answer the questions your visitors ask
in your online communities. You'll become known as
an expert by giving the answers to their questions.
This will give you and your business more credibility.

5. You could teach a free online class using your chat
room. This will give you an expert status and increase
traffic to your web site by offering the free class.

6. When your discussion board or chat room becomes
popular, you could sell advertising space on them. This
will give you an extra i.ncome stream for your web site.

7. You can network with other businesses by having
a chat room or discussion board. You could exchange
business ideas, leads, advertising, etc.

8. You could allow other web sites who don't have
a discussion board or chat room to use yours. You
will get free advertising by allowing them to link to
your online community.

9. When you have a discussion board or chat room
you can get free advertising by listing them in online
community directories. You can also join web rings
with similar discussion topics.

10. You can make money by advertising your own
products and services on your discussion board or
chat room. You could also join other people's affiliate
programs and make commissions advertising them.

Quote of the Day:

“How far that little candle throws his beams!
So shines a good deed in a naughty world.” — William

Warm regards,

Kimberly Flores 

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