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You’ve been waiting for a long time and finally its here- an affiliate program that will blow all the others out of the water! TheSecondTier.

The already popular TheSecondTier affiliate training center has undergone a complete information and visual makeover. As an affiliate you’ll get more tools and they’ll be more powerful than ever. This translates directly into cha-ching!

Here are just a few things that make this affiliate program the most effective affiliate program out there:

• Huge commissions on both first AND second tier sales!!!
• Product tools for all types of affiliates.
• Full training center with access hours of video and audio training.
• Live affiliate manager blog where you can get your affiliate questions answered.
• Weekly live training calls (every monday morning!!!)

Russell Brunson's unique philosophy that affiliates should be provided not only with powerful tools but the knowledge to use them has pushed TheSecondTier to the top of competing programs. Russell has taken affiliate training to a whole new level.

He understands that he can have hundreds of affiliates that don’t know what they are doing and get decent sales OR he can give them the knowledge and tools they need to create explosive amounts of money AND share with them a very generous portion of the profits from each sale they generate!

Here are just a few of the things that you'll learn inside of TheSecondTier:

• How to choose the right product for you to promote – One of the biggest mistakes that almost all affiliates make when they first start out, is that they try to promote too many things at once. This video will show you exactly how to choose the right one or two products that will make you the most money.

• How to set up an “Affiliate Squeeze” page – Less then 2% of all affiliates use this powerful technique, but after you implement it into your affiliate promotions, you will see your commissions grow exponentially.

• How to drive targeted traffic to your “Affiliate Squeeze” pages for FREE – Once you learn this simple (and free) concept on how to drive traffic to your “Affiliate Squeeze” pages, you will be able to start literally writing your own paychecks.

• How to build an huge targeted opt-in mailing list – You will learn how easy it is to build an opt-in list, and use that to exponentially increase your affiliate commissions EVERY week!

• How to strategically place “Affiliate Land Mines” and watch your profits EXPLODE! – Follow this one simple strategy and you will start getting checks in the mail every month!

• How to dominate your Pay Per Click ad campaigns – It's very powerful if you learn how to do it right. This video will walk you through the process to get high converting PPC ads!

• How to use teleseminars to close ten times the clients in 1/2 the time – One of the secrets to selling a lot of products as an affiliate quickly is doing teleseminars. I was nervous when I did my first few, but now I can't stop because every time I do one, my affiliate checks from that day are anywhere from $2,000 – $15,000 (and it's a lot easier then you'd think).

• How to broker JV deals and make a fortune on your 2nd tier – Many of our affiliates earn thousands of dollars each month from the efforts of others. These videos will show you exactly how they find super affiliates to add to their second tier.

• How to protect your commissions from thieves while increasing your conversions – One of the number one concerns that affiliates have are people stealing their commissions. You will learn the techniques that will protect your links and also guarantee that even the worst thieves will gladly give you their commissions instead of keeping it for themselves.

• and a whole lot more….

Russell does not discriminate against less experienced affiliates. In fact, he’s already taken countless numbers of people from knowing 0 to being listed among his top affiliates. It is so effective that some people actually pay to sell products for him!

The products Russell puts out are of top quality and always in demand. In fact, people call his office months before products are ready just begging to know when they can get their hands on them. Combine this with all the promotional and training tools Russell provides and you’re already half way to making serious affiliate commissions.

The other half will be done when you take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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TheSecondTier is a free affiliate training center for those interested in learning how to make money online as an affiliate marketer. You can get your free account today by registering at:

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Why Most Small Business Don’t Work

Why most small businesses don't work and what to do about it!

I just finished reading a very enlightening book by Michael Gerber,

Entitled “The E Myth Revisited

Man what an eye opener! I'll never look at my business the same way.


I first learned of this book for Russell Brunson's free DVD that I ordered, and you can get one too!

There's a mess of stuff on that DVD that I had to watch it 3 times taking notes. Each time I watch,

I find something I missed.

You should really go to the site to see what I mean. Click the DVD link.


Thought I would share this review with you. I really recommend the book.


Let me know what you think.


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Working Mom – Who is She?

Working Mom – Who is She?

We hear it across every nation, every land, among every tribe and kindred tongue – “Help! I’m a working mom!” It’s a universal cry and one so very many of us understand. Don’t believe me? Well, if you are a mom, you are by definition a working mom. You don’t have to be collecting a paycheck to be a working mom. All you have to do is have someone around who calls you “mom,” relies on you, needs you, and is in your care somehow. Going to some place that we call “work,” performing duties for that “job,” and collecting that paycheck only add to the thrill, the stress, and the myriad tasks performed by every mom.

Working Mom – What Does She Do?

There was a commercial of a working mom that aired in the 1970s that depicted a well dressed “career” woman and the song that went with it: I bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan, because I’m a woman.” She looked so competent and in control. Her kids and husband were there just smiling and dancing around her. It sounded so good and so inviting at the time.

Reality for many of us working moms is having too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. I remember all too well trying to work outside the home plus be a wife and mother. Getting up so early in the morning, getting babies and then school-age children ready for day care and school, plus trying to get myself ready for the work day. They say that the first half hour of the day sets the tone for the rest of the day. I remember the tone being set for stress and anger. Then going to work, dealing with the pressure and demands of the workplace, trying to perform my duties and yet thinking about and missing my children.

At the end of the workday, the home workday would just begin. Helping the kids get homework started, everyone being hungry and wanting dinner now, getting the dishes done, laundry started, facilitating fights between the kids. Add to the fun, time with my husband, relationships with family and friends, grocery shopping, paying bills, doctor and dentist appointments, illnesses, transporting kids to and from sporting or after school events and the result was often one tired, stressed, burned out mom. Even going into the bathroom as a safe haven of solitude and silence did not work — they always found me.

Working Mom –What help is available?

So often, moms feel so very tired and alone. We can feel isolated, defeated, and wonder if there is any relief. Fortunately, there is. One thing to remember — this is only for a season. Those same children will grow up and become very independent all too soon. Begin cutting out all nonessentials from your life during this season of life. There will be time later to do those things again. While in the midst of the battle, it is vital to take some time for yourself.

Some ideas to help alleviate some of the stress and load:

* Assign everyone a chore. It will take some time to enforce their duty, but in the long run it will work.
* Accept and admit that you are not superwoman. If something doesn’t get done, the world will not stop revolving.
* Enlist other women to help. While you watch their children, they can take care of some of your errands or cleaning. Decide which of you has the desire in a certain area and then use your strengths to help each other.
* Take “down” time for yourself every day, even if it’s only for fifteen minutes. Pray, meditate, rest. Bubble baths are a great way to do this.
* Find a good friend — someone you can trust and talk with.
* Journal — write down your fears, feelings, all the things you are going through. Sometimes it helps to get the feelings out without blowing up at another person.

Last but definitely not least, pray. It’s amazing what God can and will do to help you through those times when you believe you can’t go one more step or do one more thing. Praying for help, strength, confessing how alone we are helps release some of the pent up emotions and allows God to provide what we need and restore our weary minds so that we can go on, not just limping, but in strength and joy.

Be honest. Tell God, “I am weary; and worn out, O God.” Ask God to help you understand and to help you live, “But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” (Isaiah 40:31) and come to the place where you can joyfully say “The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold” (Psalm 18:2).

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So how can you make your article worth reading?

Offered by Kimberly Flores for Instant Article Creator Software, the program that writes for you.

It's all about the angle…

You are about to write an article. Your reasons are your own. Maybe it's a promotional article to gain publicity. Maybe it's a contribution to a company newsletter or journal. Maybe you just want to write articles for fame, fortune, or both…

No matter why you're writing an article, it's your responsibility to make it interesting.

So how can you make your article worth reading? It's all about the ANGLE.

First pick your topic. For example, let's say your topic is something that many people may find themselves yawning about. We hear a lot about diet pills. How can you “spice up” your topic? You need an angle!

Then you need to decide what aspect of the thing you want to write about. Are you selling diet pills? Lots of people are. Is there anything new or particular interesting in the world of diet pills that people are interested in that you know about? Is it possible to buy pills that actually make you lose weight while sleeping? Do you have the inside scoop on how the average guy or gal can stay at home and make money selling diet pills? Your job is to do the research, use some creativity, and come up with several different angles. Let's take a look at some popular article types:


People love how-to articles! They lead the reader step-by-step through how to accomplish their goals. They also sometimes offer resources the reader can contact for more information.

What expertise do YOU have that you could share? Turn that subject into an interesting how-to article. A few examples: How To Get Free Publicity for Your Website, How To Convince People To Join You In Joint Ventures, and How To Make Money With Your Computer.

Think of the titles that you could write about. Everybody knows something that they can share with others. Think about your profession or your hobbies. What are you really good at? Someone out there could use your knowledge.


Raise a provocative question and then answer it with three or four real-life examples. Example: For an article titled, “Can A Stay-At-Home Mom Really Make Good Money?” You could begin with a few stats on how today's women are making fortunes without having to leave home. Then you could feature a few real cases, each with different outcomes to show all sides of the issue. Forums are excellent sources of information and interviews no matter what your topic.

You could use one similar to the essay in my “Instant Essay Creator.” It is called “Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory?” This was based on an actual survey of high school administrators that have mandated school uniforms and swear by them.


“Amazing New Product Claims To Erase The Signs Of Aging!”

You hook the reader by getting him interested in this revolutionary idea. For example, an anti-wrinkle cream. The cream is becoming famous because of its claims to allow anyone to erase the signs of aging caused by too much sun. This is ideal to use when you're discussing the drawbacks of a new practice or method that's controversial right now. As the reader, you get all excited, thinking you've discovered an incredible new product. But the article reveals, point by point, that too much sun exposure is unsafe and that intelligent people will not just throw caution to the winds and risk getting skin cancer. They will purchase “Super Sunscreen Deluxe” from the given website! Now that's marketing!


Whenever a trend sweeps the nation, you'll suddenly see dozens of articles covering the topic. From the latest skirt length to the latest exercise gimmick. People want to know all about these trends their origins, benefits, and limitations.


These articles report the results of a study or survey. If you do a bit of research, you can probably dig up a recent study on which you can base your article. Examples: “More Couples Admitting to Have Met Online,” “Religious People Are Happier Than Others,” or “Most People Prefer Dogs To Cats.”

Now that you've gotten the idea, pick an angle and WRITE!

Kristi Sayles invites everybody to check out her Instant Article Creator Software at It is an interactive, template-based program that teaches how to produce professional “Sales-Pulling” articles to distribute to Ezines. The customer receives LOTS of valuable freebies-including a list of Ezine publishers that are just begging for your article! (This article is an example.) More of Ms. Sayles' writing programs are at
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